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New Profile Picture of Activist Keeps Getting More and More Hits....

Photo by Joseph Reilly
Rolando Chang Barrero
"If you take care of your community, your community will take care of you!"

Founder and President, Florida Arts Association
Co-Founder, Art Synergy 
Director, Boynton Beach Art District
Curator, ActivistArtistA Gallery

Interview with Future Prezidents during KeroWACKED!

Rolando Chang Barrero, is an artist and community leader.

He has been working with various traditional and non-traditional entities to support change for over 30 years.

From Act-Up (AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power) to the United Way he is a non-partisan issue oriented activist.
He is the recipient of a Congressional letter of Commendation for his work with children in environmentalism, and most recently touted as 

At this year's KeroWACKED Festival he introduces 2 outstanding projects, through the festival FAU School of Urban Design and the "C'est al Via: Re-Thinking Alleyways" a project led by Artist Beju Lejobart and Designer Sherryl Muriente. Inside the ActivistArtistA Gallery the Anti-GMO work artist, Jennifer Gwen which is sure sure to cause a stir.

Some of is environmental work can been in the ELEMENTS Exhibition through May 2014 at the Boynton Beach City Library.

-Future Prezident Interview at KeroWACKED 2014

New Times! The KeroWACKED Photos by Andrew Soria!

Photo courtesy of New Times/ Andrew Soria

Click Link to see the Slideshow!

THANK YOU Andrew and New Times!

The Boynton Beach Art District presented the second-annual KeroWACKED Multimedia Music and Arts Fest. This outdoor festival incorporated all mediums of art, from local artists to local musicians, as well as Palm Beach County's Best .... Con't

Check out all the pictures online!

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Friday, April 18, 2014

KeroWACKED Mention on "The List TV" New Times and Atlantic Ave. Radio!

The List TV

This Sunday April 20th from 2-11 pm!

Interview with JC Dwyer of the Mobile Homies
who will be perfroming at KeroWACKED with Craig McInnis of Speacking Volumes
Sunday, April 20, 2014
2-11 PM

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Times Shows More Love for KeroWACKED! Read Story by Fire Ant

KeroWACKED 3, Beatnik Tribute Festival, at Boynton Beach Arts District

Photo by Monica McGivern

"Hey Jack Kerouac" was all Natalie Merchant had to say, and you had to listen to the song. The Beat Generation's impassioned chronicler, patron saint of the open road and the search for cosmic kicks, his name compels to this day, ringing the allure of bohemia.
It's that energy the Boynton Beach Arts District -- that fervent, funky DIY arts engine -- has seized upon the name of their annual celebration of the free spirit. They're on their third KeroWACKED, which, as with most BBAD events, is the brainchild of resident sprite/evil genius Rolando Chang Barrero.
Like the Beat Generation's culture, this year's KeroWACKED is all over the place (in a good way). It includes live music, dance, flow arts, readings (including one of Allen Ginsberg'sdefinitive Beat epic Howl!), and a drum circle (natch).

Sun Sentinel's Society Scene: Rolando Chang Barrero in Local Green Trailblazers!

Boynton Beach City Library
208 S.Seacrest Blvd., Boynton Beach, Florida
February 13, 2014 thru May 2014

Local green trailblazers

Society Scene asked local trailblazers to share an important topic in the green movement and how they're addressing it in the community.

Andrew Aiken, president and CEO of the Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society
"The zoo's carbon/fuel reduction initiative is helping us to take action to reduce our overall carbon footprint.
Our mission is inspiring people to act on behalf of wildlife, and there is no better way than for us to lead by example. We have to take action ourselves and make environmentally friendly choices as frequently as possible.
We first surveyed staff members to establish a baseline of fuel consumption, and created a private Facebook page for employees to post their actions for encouragement and accountability. So far, almost half the zoo's staff has collectively performed 210 environmental acts to save fuel. We don't need everybody to do a conservation act every single day, although that would be ideal. We simply encourage employees to take at least one fuel reduction action per month. It only takes a little effort from everyone to get a lot accomplished."
Rolando Chang Barrero, owner of ActivistArtistA Gallery/Studio and artist featured in the environmental "Elements" exhibit.

Side bar: The exhibit is on the second floor of the Boynton Beach City Library, located at 208 S. Seacrest Boulevard, through May. In the exhibit, three artists Rolando Chang Barrero, Anthony Burks Sr. and Greg Matthews highlight the importance of the environmental conversation movement in South Florida. Collectively, the artists engaged in conversations and site visits with leaders of conservatory organizations throughout South Florida. They observed, documented and processed their images and experiences through their respective mediums.
"Maintaining the ecosystem of the Everglades is of paramount importance to me. As a native of South Florida I have a vested interest that we make every attempt to raise awareness to the vital role that the Everglades has on our wildlife. As painters, writers, poets, photographers and documentarians many of my friends and I have taken to more hands on advocacy. Many of us are active members of foundations, organizations, as well as, park and beach cleanups."


Copyright © 2014, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Rolando Chang Barrero lives in West Palm Beach, Florida

Maintains a working art studio and the ActivistArtistA Gallery in Boynton Beach, Florida.

He is currently working with children on "Windows to the Future" with the Historical Preservation Society of Delray Beach.
Rolando Chang Barrero is the recipient of a Congressional Letter of Commendation. 

You can contact him at ActivistArtistA@Gmail.com

New Times Recommends KeroWACKED!

New Tmes

Paying homage to Jack Kerouac, leader of the Beat Generation, the Florida Arts Association and BankUnited are celebrating National Poetry Month through the third-annual Kero­WACKED multimedia festival. Covering the talents of writers, poets, musicians, and artists who wish to reenact this cultural phenomenon, attendees will have a chance to witness Boynton Beach's distinct counterculture. Special features include readings by Stacy Conde, author of The Red Speck; and Cheryl Maeder at the ActivistArtistA Gallery, along with artist exhibits by Dana Donaty, Gary Antonio, Rolando Chang Barrerro, and Gullermo Manrique, among others. To keep the event vibrant throughout the day, live performances will take place on two stages to feature the Future Prezidents, JC Dwyer of the Mobile Homies, Craig McInnis of Speaking Volumes, Dan York, and Sunny DeVilles.
(con't) More dtails on Vocies Places / New Times
— By Gillian Speiser

KeroWACKED 2014 Highlights, Times, and Information!

The 3rd Annual KeroWACKED: 
Homage to Jack
A Multimedia Celebration 

We are located one block west of the Boynton Beach Blvd. Exit on I95.





 Swampgrass Kin, Spencer Allan Patrick, Dan

 York, Rod Dusinberre, Patrick Salsich, Flint Blade

 and Honeydew, Chris Michaud, and Bill Hartmann.

 (see below for times)



Live Poetry and Literature Reading:

The Circle of Love Poets presents
"All Things REaD"  

Presented by:

Vanya E'dan Dance Company 

The PhilosoFires

Various times 

H2O and Seez, the two newest members of Boynton Beach Art District
will also be custom painting an art car. 2-7 PM


3rd Annual KeroWACKED Multimedia Fest 
Live Bands! Food! Vendors! 
Intersted in being a part of the this amazing love fest!?
Contact: ActivistArtistA@gmail.com
We are looking for Artists, Food Vendors, Arts and Crafts Vendors Etc....



Stage 1

2-3 PM

3-4 PM

4-5 PM

She's Neurotic 

5-6 PM

 JC Dwyer of The Mobile Homies with Craig Mcinnis of Speaking Volumes 

6-7 PM 

Sunny Devilles
7-8 PM 

Swampgrass Kin



Stage 2 

2-3 PM
Bill Hartmann

3-4 PM

4-6 PM
Dan York

5-6 PM
Rod Dusinberre

6-7 PM
Flint Blade and Honeydew

7-8 PM
Patrick Salsich

8-9 PM
Chris Michaud