Friday, February 10, 2012


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Artist Rolando Chang Barrero Organizes
Largest Out-Door Arts Event!

KeroWACK: Homage to Jack 
Multi-Media Marathon 
is an all day Music/Art Event. 
Sunday, February 26, 2012, 
The District comes alive with 
a Cornucopia of Sounds and Visual Art.

Please scroll down for more details!

 Teri Catlin to Perform at Sunset!

 $10 Ticket Sales ONLY!
 Free Transportation 
Between the Art District and the Civic Center
From 11 AM to 4 PM ONLY!

Arrive Early! Leave Late!

Food and Beverages provided by:
Jochen Esser's Gourmet Truck Expo!

Food and Beverages provided by:
Jochen Esser's Gourmet Truck Expo!

Retuning be Popular Demand!
Cucina Al Mare- ART WALK 2012
4 Alarm Pizza- ActivistArtistA Grand Opening!
New to The District
The Fire Within
Caza Crepes!
"Come for the ART! Stay for the FOOD!"

Please scroll down for Band Schedule!

Artist Roly Chang Barrero Organizes
Largest Out-Door Arts Event!

Alan Burgess-Poetry/Performance
Andrew Ackerman-Poetry
Jamaal Clark- Live Art 

Lea Vendetta:"This CHICKcan write poetry!"

DJ REN (sound Engineer) Main Stage

House Music Stage featuring:

Shayne Pilpel

Brock Lambert

Ilya Tatarov

David Orozco

Sebastian Perez

Asa Hochhauser

Also featuring the sounds of Duncan Beatz!

(consisting of nuvoid, TextureHead_ , and Audiphobia) is an electronic-based performance group of producers, 
ranging from ambient, downtempo \ trip hop, to jazzy, 
glitch-hop, and experimental drum N' bass, and footwork.

Also featuring the sounds of DJ Alex De Marchi


Rob The Milkman

Duncan Beatz


Beat Thief inc. 

Please scroll down for Band Schedule!

The Artists of ActivistArtistA Gallery

Painting Murals, Exhibiting in the Gallery, and 
Painting Live!

Rolando Chang Barrero

Paul Caprio
"tiki" Tom
Thomas McAvoy
Elio Mercado
Kim Fay
Josuha von Nonn
Valyn Calhoun
Jen Locane
Kris Delgado
Jamall Clark
Lorraine Marks
Lori-Nan Kaye
Andrew Ackerman
Jerome Glickman
Alexia Hemingway
Chan Shepherd
Paul Slater
Lea Vendetta

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The Band Schedule  

Opens Event at 10:30 AM

 The Loxahatchee Sinners 12:30 PM


 L.M.N.O.P. 7:30 PM

Special Thanks to Our Friends:

James Brake-Community Liaison 
Nina Kauder- Facilitator
Dennis Linder-Coordinator  
Don & Shelly Constantino
Fabien de Guffroy- Chair Massages 
Marcinkoski Grandall. Inc.
and everyone who has done their part in realizing this event.

Pre-KeroWACKED Party
Get to know the artists and the musicians!

207 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach

Enjoy the Sounds of
Shayne Pilpel
Brock Lambert

Rolando Barrero 
for more information!


  1. Do I need a ticket to watch the bands?

  2. Um, yes Sean! you must have overlooked the part where it said,"Tickets On Sale Now!
    $10 ONLY!"