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Rolando Chang Barrero

Rolando Chang Barrero


Organizer and Promoter of the Boynton Beach Art District 

List of Exhibitions

October 20, 2012
The Skull Show
Ink and Pistons
West Palm Beach, FL

September-October, 2012
Breeze into Boynton Beach
Civic Center
128 East Ocean Ave.
Boynton Beach, FL

August 11, 2012
The Green Room
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Five Cutest Cat Moments at Green Room's 

June 7 thru June 22, 2012
Recent Works: Rolando Chang Barrero
Palm Beach Post Arts and Culture

ActivistArtistA Gallery
422 West Indistrial Ave.

Boynton Beach, Florida

(786) 521-1199

Rolando Chang Barrero received his degree, in Fine Arts at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 
With over 30 years of experience as an artist and arts administrator, Rolando has received accolades, grants, and scholarships in both areas.  He currently resides in Delray Beach and has a working studio at the Boynton Beach Art District.  He has interned at The Randolf Street Gallery (Chicago, IL), Latino Fine Arts (Chicago,IL), Gallery 99 (Bal Harbour, FL), served as Intrim-Director for the Miami Dade College Gallaries, curated over 30 Exhibitions, and served as juror for local and national exhibits.  He is a strong supportor of art educuation,
 and serves as consultant for many non-profits. 

Below are some selected recent accomplishments. 

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Art on the Ave!  ,Delray Beach, FL
Rolando Chang Barrero: recent Work, ActivistArtistA Gallery
Art Rock, Armory Art Center, West Palm Beach, FL

ART:PBC, Pam Beach County Cutural Commission, Juror

Delray Affair, Delray Beach, FL, Juror

City of Boynton Beach Art in Public Places, Commission-Mural at the Tennis Center

Chidren's Schoolhouse Museum, Meet the Maker, Be the Master, Visiting Artist
Resonance at the Green Room: Original Music and Art Fusion 
                                               City Library of Boynton Beach, Earth Day "Pinwheel Project",Visiting Artist


La Fruta
El Pajaro


"Packaging Nature"
"Stroke of Genius"
"Kim Fay & Robert Catapano"
"The ActivistArtistA Bay Gates Project"

Projections (curatorial) Bay Gate #5

"Wild West Hero"-Lucia Hare-Leahy
"Projet 365", Michael Herb

Dovima Giorgianna

"So, there is a smile upon my face...for the first time since mom seemed so rejuvenated today...she learned and THOROUGHLY enjoyed your teaching...thank you for sharing such a passionate and cohesive knowledge base with those of us who are learning to see how "things will get better" rather than "it could be worse"...peace my new friend...if i may be so bold as to call you "friend"...dovima!"

Rolando is the consummate professional, extremely attentive to detail, the client's needs and an excellent work ethic. I highly recommend him.

Rolando Chang Barrero has created an amazing & vibrant art district!

Rolando Chang Barrero is the ultimate professional , a true gentleman, and his art is so beautifully honest!, What he has done to revitalize the Boynton Beach Art District is truly AMAZING!

How a man's idea (Boynton Beach Art District) can encourage and promote so many creative people and allow them to share their amazing talents with us in such a unique way! What a wonderful man!

The most impressive thing about Rolando is his passion. His passion shows up in his work ethic. And his work ethic shows up as results!

Rolando Chang Barrero, is a leading thinker and doer in the South Florida area. He is amazingly creative, compassionate and connected to community. He brings passion and a strong work ethic to all he does. If your community or group is looking for community arts consulting, art installations and arts events, he's your man. On time, on budget, with flair and beauty and sure to please, Rolando Barrero delivers.

The artist Roly is very energetic and that energy is reflective in his art work and his leadership skills.

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