Sunday, October 14, 2012

ActivistArtistA Artist, Paulo Sends "Elly" Adrift!

Paul Slater, aka Paulo, will finally have his day in the sun, and he won't be alone--friends, family, and fellow artists are expected to turn out for the Jelly Fish Drift Project Launch!

Paul, who currently has work at ActivistArtistA in the Boynton Beach Art District (BBAD), is sending "Elly" adrift on October 26th, at Boynton Beach's Harvey E. Oyer Park (formerly Boat Club Park) which is located at 219 North Federal Hwy. in Boynto Beach.

Elly, is a brushed metal illustrated panel which is attached to a bamboo raft.  Elly has been the focus of The Jelly Fish Drift Project, which began to unfold on june 12, 2012 when the City of Boynton Beach announced its sponsorship of the project.

By July 7th we all gathered on the shoreline of Boynton's Oceanfront Park, where the initial send of was to take place.  Unfortunately some logistical issues with his support team prevented the launch.

See you all Friday morning at 9 AM!

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