Friday, November 2, 2012

Critical Recording Studio Partnering with ActivistArtistA's SMASH! Concert Series!

Demcember 20th from 7-10 PM
ActivistArtistA Gallery
422 West Industrial Ave.
Boynton Beach, FL 33426

Critical Recording Studio Partnering with ActivistArtistA's  SMASH! Concert Series!

Rolando Chang Barrero, organizer of ActivistArtistA's SMASH! Concert Series, is proud to announce that Critical Recording Studio of Miami will partner with his his Boynton Beach based venue for the next few months leading to February's 2nd Annual KeroWACKED: Multi-Media Festival.  While on going sponsorship after February's multi-media festival have not been discussed, he believes that that this is an opportunity to establish an ongoing partnership for future developements.

The BBAD on Thursdays Open Mic Night, which began last August, will be benefiting for this relationship too.
The monthly event, held every 3rd Thursday of the month at the ActivistArtistA Gallery will be awarding 5 hours of studio time at Critical Recording Studio the evenings best music performer. The 3 finalists will then have an opportunity in January to compete for various opportunities, including the popular "Sunday in the Park Concert"which is organized by the City of Boynton Beach's C.R.A., and perform at the 2nd Annual KeroWACKED: Multi-Media Festival on February 17th.

This venture will be a big win for local talent in Palm Beach County as Chris Critic and Jairo Morales of Critical Recording continue to expand the outreach of Miami New Times's Best Recoriding Studio of 2012!

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