Friday, May 9, 2014

WeMerge Magazine: David German by Rolando Chang Barrero

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David German
By Rolando Chang Barrero

David German danced his way into ART Palm Beach.

David German paints, draws and dances-all at the same time. “ Sometimes I get carried away and just start dancing while I’m painting,” says German. It seems to be a great methodology for this talented artist who recently danced his way into Art Palm Beach 2014.

David German was a relatively an unknown Lake Worth artist only a few weeks ago, now his name and his graphite drawing, “ American Hostage” are both very well know. “America Hostage,” was selected by curator Paul Fisher to hang next to Russell Young’s “Marilyn Crying” and Andy Warhol’s “Rebel Without a Cause.”  When asked about his selection Mr. Fisher replied, “This work had some quirky narrative quality that transcended illustration. I didn't know what was going on but I knew something was…  I felt this is an artist that is going somewhere.”

“American Hostage,” rendered masterfully, on an eight by 10 inch page evokes a haunting truth about the trappings of hip-hop culture, a reality of the urban experience.  A truth, which appears personal and intimate to the artist, yet remains open for the viewer to interpret. The ‘blind eyes’ of the hostage takers are in remarkable contrast to David’s own eyes; which look down at the viewer.

David’s work seamlessly blends talent, mastery, emotion, and social commentary.  He is one of South Florida’s artist to keep an eye on.  

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