Friday, January 9, 2015

3 Outstanding Palm Beach County Fine Art Exhibitions: West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach

Palm Beach County 
Fine Art Exhibitions

January 21-25, 2015
Art Synergy's Palm Beach Art Exbibition
Opening Reception: VIP Only
Booth #718
Art Palm Beach Exposition
650 Okeechobee Blvd.
West Palm Beach, Florida

Art Synergy's Annual Juried Exhibition of  works by professional artists residing in Palm Beach County.
Art Synergy's Palm Beach Art was juried by 
Paul Fisher, Paul Fisher Galleries of West Palm Beach
Curator Rolando Chang Barrrero, RCB Fine Art, Lake Worth

The exhibition explores the aesthetic and scope of work created in South Florida.

20 selected works will be on display at ArtPalmBeach, which is internationally renowned as the premiere mid-winter contemporary art fair on Florida’s Gold Coast by both art critics and enthusiasts. Celebrating its 18th year, it is Palm Beach County’s longest running fair dedicated to contemporary, emerging, and modern master works of art of the 20th and 21st centuries. Over 85 international galleries will be exhibiting paintings, sculpture, as well as functional and innovative design. Video, new technologies, performance art, art installations have become a unique feature offering collectors exposure to today’s emerging art trends.  

January 16-26, 2015
Opening Reception Jan. 23 | 11-4 pm
711 Lurcene Ave
Lake Worth, Florida

Serafima Sokolov, Russian born artist, is represented by RCB Fine Art Gallery. 

Post War Depression Imagery of Serafima Sokolov at Rolando Chang Barrero Fine Art Gallery
Among the works on display, of most note, is Serafima's portrait of Dorothea Lange which embodies the spirit of the photographer.
Lange was one of the most influential American documentary photographer and photojournalist best known for her Depression-era work for the Farm Security Administration. humanizing the consequences of the Great Depression.
Sokolov's use of bright "thermal" colors to contrast other elements painted in rich blacks and whites produce the collage-like effect that has brought her much recognition.
Socolov's beautifully rendered oil paintings capture nostalgia and sadness of the Great Depression seamlessly taking the viewer to a time much simpler in American history.

Other International artists represented by RCB Fine Art include: Eleazar Delgado (Venezuela), Juan Erman Gonzales (Cuba), Aidana Baldassarre (Argentina), and others.

January 24, 2015
Opening Reception Jan. 24 | 4-10 pm
"Take a Piece of My Heart"
Group Exhibition featuring the work of
Bryce LeVan Cushing
711 Lurcene Ave
Lake Worth, Florida

Take a Piece of My Heart, curated by Rolando Chang Barrreo, gives the viewer a 
deeper perspective on the collective experience of receving, collecting, tranforming, and ultimately repecting that cycle for the artist, art patron, and layman inclusive.

Whether it be relics, sculptures, paintings, photographs, or just ordinary objects there is acatharsis that embodies the participant at each cycle of this process.

Take a Piece of my Heart is the reliquishing, or better yet, bringing to light that which is lost or gained through the process of exchange. The process of the giving and taking a piece of the heart.

The group exhibition will feature the work of Bryce LeVan Cushing. Bryce, who's works have been exhibited throughout Europe and the United States, believes that there is immense beauty in the broken things we come across in this world. as it becomes more difficult for the average person to exist peacefully here, these objects raise a dialogue about the sacredness of life and the spiritual quest of the artist. It is this quest that has brought this talented and accomplished New York artist to Florida.

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