Tuesday, June 30, 2015

UTA Brauser: Cercone's New York's top 10 artists!

is represented by 

Rolando Chang Barrero Fine Art Gallery

711 Lucerne Avenue
Lake Worth, Florida 33460

Gallery is open to the public Wed-Sat 11-6pm
or, by appointment 786-521-1199

Uta Brauser is at the top of the the list and at the top of her game. The German born artist, represented by Rolando Chang Barrero Fine Art Gallery  has been making special guest appearances in Lake Worth since RCB Fine Art opened last November appears at the top of the list in the current Revolt Magazine in article by curator Katie Cercone.
Others that made the list are Mojo Disco, Coco Dolle, Diane Dwyer, Julia Sinelnikova, Kikuko Tanaka, Gudmundur Thoroddsen, Untitled Queen, Natalia Yovane, and Smurfo Udirty.

REVOLT Magazine

Top 10 NY Artists Now

by Curator, Katie Cercone

Uta Brauser, Born 1963 in Munich, Germany

Uta was born with the “curse and blessing” of being a divine channel of the creative forces. She works multidisciplinarily, including in sculpture, drawing, fashion and action art. She says that her work is about “Our obsession with us, the human, and our social and political interactions.” Currently living and working in New York City and Brooklyn, she claims that being a creator and remaining an objective viewer is one of her biggest challenges. She is currently working on drawing new forms dimensionally, resuming her sculptural work after a ten year break, community interactions through art and creativity, and wearable art fashion projects.
Eventually, she is planning to put out two film projects.

Read more here: Revolt

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