Friday, August 28, 2015

ACT/ART: Create. Engage.Change. and of course Vote!


The poster below is part of a nationwide poster competition hosted by Act/Art in partnership with the White House, bringing attention to crucial issues through the arts. By voting for this poster, you help it earn consideration for ACT/ART’s finalist exhibition.
Capturing the dynamism of contemporary art and its enormous impact on popular culture, ACT/ART provides a forum for artists and the public to engage in acts of creative expression–acts of art–that generate awareness, provoke dialogue, change perception, and evoke positive change around important social and public policy issues.
ACT/ART believes that all people are capable of creative expression, and that an act of art can be found in any public space or forum–in a gallery, on the street, or on social media. It can be a drawing or a photo, a performance or a hashtag. ACT/ART defines an act of art by one simple criterion: that it creates awareness in order to instigate positive and lasting social change.

ACT/ART is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization that relies on contributions from individuals, corporations, and foundations to support the development and presentation of our temporary exhibitions and outreach programs.

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