Tuesday, March 29, 2016

JC Carroll to Perform at KeroWACKED 2016

JC Carroll
to perform at

The KeroWACKED® 

Outdoor Multimedia Festival is Back! 

SUNDAY, APRIL 24, 2016

KeroWACKED® is a MultiMedia Fest celebrating the life and work of  

Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Neal Cassady and the Beat Generation.  

"It's that energy the Boynton Beach Arts District -- that fervent, funky DIY arts engine -- has seized upon for its annual celebration of the beatnik spirit. It's on its third KeroWACKED, which, as with most BBAD events, is the brainchild of resident sprite/evil genius Rolando Chang Barrero." -Fire Ant New Times
Boynton Beach, FL- The 5th Annual KeroWACKED Festival focuses on Neal Cassady, undeniably the real genius behind the Beat movement. Since 2012 artists, musicians, and poets have gathered at the Boynton Beach Art District to celebrate the Beat Generations influence on the arts. A 12 hour cultural marathon of live music, live painting, exhibitions, vendors, food trucks and antics that have raised the brows over the years since the festival began.
The fest is organized by artist Rolando Chang Barrero, who will also be hosting the the KeroWACKED 2016 Exhibition at his ActivistArtistA Gallery.
Special Presentation: Performance Artist JC Carroll of ART-ACT
Mural painting by Serafima Sokolov and Nicole Galluccio
Live musical performers include at the event include Dub Alejando Musician with Girl Friday, Marvin Ray Hawkins, Michele Woofter, Shaun Bailey of Koffin Varnish, Daniell Galletta, Baby and The Troll and others…
Food trucks: Caribbean Cowboy and PS*561 

About the artist:
Performance Artist/ Actress, JC Carroll lives and works with her partner/ husband Carlos Alves in Miami, Florida.  She is considered one of the original pioneers of South Beaches' gentrification in the late 1980's where she opened ART-ACT Performance Gallery.  Having studied theater/ set design and fine art at the Wolfson Campus, FIU & interned at Coconut Grove Playhouse and Bellas Artes  she opened ART-ACT to provide a space to further explore the burgeoning art scene of the time.  ART-ACT brought to Miami Beach new and exciting artists like Tomata Du Plenty, and group shows from NYC's Rivington School, COLAB, Ringling School & more.   The theater concentrated on plays of great significance at the time, many based on Political/Civil/Gay rights and AIDS epidemic awareness holding countless fund raisers for the hopes of a cure.  JC designed and created a majority of the set designs for these plays, and performed as well.  The same values that went into the shows she produced goes into her visual art. 
With the motto that everything and everyone was an art form JC produced / edited ART-ACT TV on WLRN Cable Tap.  A 30 min. weekly show highlighting the art scene, local and international, as well as many countless colorful personalities. Upon returning to Miami she produced & edited “Live Wire” the off spring of Andrew Delaplaines’ Wire Magazine. 
After moving to NYC, JC Continued acting in way off Broadway and experimental theater and exhibited art  in-group shows: Thompson Square, Soho, and CBGB Gallery et.al.. primarily painting and sculpting.
She also co-produced Chatterbox Lounge, an Internet radio show at PSEUDO, based on the Neo~Swing music movement in the 90's. She kept busy working art department gigs for videos/ catalogue/ showroom and special events.  
Throughout this time she continued to work with Carlos Alves when called in to assist on large scale Public Art Works.  After years of this the two fell in love and JC moved back to Miami again in early 2000 and the two have continued to work together collaborating and creating massive public and private art-works and installations throughout the country  & abroad.  
JC plans to devote more time to hot glass blowing and hopes to continue exploring this wonderful medium. 
JC Carroll is a true renaissance woman who is currently working on a cookbook of artist's recipes.  

This event is sponsored by:

ActivistArtistA Gallery

The Florida Arts Association 

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