Sunday, April 17, 2016

Live Music, Poetry, Painting, 3D Chalk Art, A Forge, A Camper, A Loom, A Drone and a Whole Lot of Fun! KeroWACKED is Back!

April is National Poetry Month and there's no better place to celebrate than at Palm Beach County's most celebrated Art District on Palm Beach County.
The award winning arts enclave, The Boynton Beach Art District, located at 410-422 West Industrial Ave., Boynton Beach, Florida will host the 
ActivistArtistA KeroWACKED Multi-Media Fest on Sunday, April 24, 2016 for 11-11pm.

Boynton Beach, FL- 

The 5th Annual KeroWACKED Festival focuses on Neal Cassady, undeniably the real genius behind the Beat movement. Since 2012 artists, musicians, and poets have gathered at the Boynton Beach Art District to celebrate the Beat Generations influence on the arts. A 12 hour cultural marathon of live music, live painting, exhibitions, vendors, food trucks and antics that have raised the brows over the years since the festival began.

Exhibits, Campers, Drones, Forges, Looms,  Live Art, and Music

There's nothing like
KeroWACKED MulitMedia Fest!
"The largest gathering of talent all in one place at one time!"


The ActivistAristA Gallery 1-9 pm:

Artist/Curator Rolando Chang Barrero, will also be hosting the the KeroWACKED 2016 Exhibition at his ActivistArtistA Gallery featuring works by Tristyn Bustamante, Ren Curtis, Mark Allen, Adriano Ficarelli, Gabriela Witis, 
Juliana Bukowitz, Serafima Sokolov, Eduardo Mendieta, Whitney Anderson, and a sound piece by collaboraters, Gregory Dirr, Ben Pachter, T.J. Brown

Outdoor Presentations 1-9 pm
Drone Aero Art by Michael Kupillas, Thomas McAvoy, and Rolando Chang Barrero will wow children and adults as the create art with a drone.

Bay Gate Mural painting by Serafima Sokolov and Nicole Galluccio
North Wall Mural a 60 feet long mural by Eduardo Medieta.

3D Chalk Painting by international street painting artist Jennifer Chaparro.

Performance Artist JC Carroll of Miami's ART-ACT,  
Juliana Bukowitz of Buka Arts to recite poetry

Camper Camper 
2 campers, one fun filled with Handmade Jewelry for by Jomama and other will serve as a canvas for muralist/graffiti artist BULKS
Metalsmithing presentation by The Dark Angel Armory and Forge
featuring work by Shaun Williams + Sylvia Andrassy + Amy McGrotty  

Loom presentation and mini workshop by Leah Bell publisher of Key Magazine.


Live music and performances at the event include:

12:30 PM- John Graves  (S1)    
1:30 PM- Jack Tafoya   (S1)
2 PM- Epicurean Pleasure 
2:30 PM- Baby and The Troll (S1)    
3 PM-  SloFunkPump 
3:30 PM- David C. Ware   (S1)    
4 PM- Jennell Eve 
4:30 PM- Rod Dusinberre  (S1)  
5 PM- Koffin Varnish
5:30 PM- Zack Elliott  (S1)    
6 PM- Performance Art JC Carroll
6:30- Poet 
Juliana Bukowitz6:30 PM- Craig McInnis  (S1) 
7 PM- Ian Wehmeyer7:30 PM- Arlow Cain (S1) 
8:30 PM- Southern Tier  (S1)      
9:30 PM- Renan Nerone Brazilian Trio  (S1)    

Food trucks: 

joji yogurt
Caribbean Cowboy 


KeroWACKED® is a register trademark.

Rickie Report  Florida Arts Association  ActivistArtistA Gallery

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