Thursday, June 20, 2019

Recent Press: School Supplies for the Next Generation by Rolando Chang Barrero

I hope this begins a shift in our attitudes and and values about life and the current state of affairs.
My current work "School Supplies for the Next Generation"

Has made quite an impact in the news. I'm very grateful to have my voice heard and that #GunReform is being talked about internationally. Thank you Ale Mendez, Muu Blanco Cuenta Full GALERÍA GBG ARTS Elle Schorr FATVillage Arts District Ocean Drive Venezuela LUSTER Magazine El Universal CBS Miami Florida Daily Post WLRN Public Radio and Television La Guia News and all the amazing writers and reporters who have made this work come to the attention of the world.

Arte en contra de la violencia, el odio y la contaminación

Rolando Chang Barrero’s “School Supplies for a New Generation”, “Las Vegas” – one of Mark Cohen’s many paintings addressing gun violence and mass shootings, TD Gillispie’s “War Stories” about toy guns and the loss of innocence).…/art-activism-ripped-headlines-n…/ 

Abre la exposición de arte “We The People: Propaganda Art” en The Box Gallery de West Palm Beach…/abre-la-exposicion-de-arte-we-the…/
'Ripped From The Headlines' Exhibit Takes Over FAT Village Art Gallery…/ripped-headlines-exhibit-takes-over-…


‘Ripped From The Headlines,’ Shocking Fort Lauderdale Art Exhibit Turns Heads…/ripped-from-the-headlines-sho…/

Ripped From The Headlines: Breaking Art News in FAT Village
Ripped From The Headlines features 19 South Florida artists working from deeply personal points of view with a goal: expanding awareness, and inform an ongoing dialogue as the news continues to evolve.…/…

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