Saturday, April 27, 2013

Paint it! An Urban Affair! Coming in May!

Paint it! An Urban Affair!

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Boynton Beach, May 17-18, 2013,
Weekend long revitalization program spearheaded by ActivistArtistA Bay Gates Project!
The ActivistArtistA Bay Gates Project is an ongoing outdoor exhibition started in 2011 to infuse the blighted Industrial Park with colorful murals.  The Paint It! Weekend includes Live Music, food and drink! 10 Artists take on 10 Bay Gates and over 70 linear feet of wall. Painting live from 6 PM on Saturday night thru Sunday at Sunset! 
Artists participating are: Bulk, Flicker, Venom, Veins, Serafima Sokolov, Paul Caprio, 
Eduardo Medieta, Rolando Chang Barrero, Winkstyes, 
Nino Aliguori, and others.

Also, “Greening the Park,” will be taking place along
the fence line on Sunday!
Greening the Park, an urban garden, is being established to provide raw eats and education to the guests of the Boynton Beach Art District!

Family Friendly and Free!

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