Friday, September 20, 2013

EcoArt Fundraiser for Film Outstanding Success!

EcoArt South Florida

The fundraising for EcoArt South Florida's film has begun. The first of a series of fundraisers to complete the film was held at the home of
Mary Jo Aaerstoun and Pat Mathis.

EcoArt South Florida film project launch party
What time is it? Time to Get Together!! …and celebrate the 11 EcoArt projects in our region to be featured in EcoArt South Florida’s upcoming film…scheduled for release in 2014! Hosts: Mary Jo Aagerstoun, EcoArt South Florida President Pierre Rodriguez, EcoArt South Florida Treasurer
Wednesday September 18, 2013 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM EDT
Home of Mary Jo Aagerstoun and Pat Mathis

What a success! Among the EcoArtists, the Sponsors, and Friends of this challenging movement to educate and encourage and, needless to say, decrease negative human impact on the five Florida watersheds--there I stood.
Dressed in a white tee-shirt and jeans ( I didn't know it was a fundraiser )  I did not feel the least bit out of place amoung the fasionably clad crowd. Although most were cleaned up, I know most of this crowd wear the same, they are the DOERS of South Florida. They are the ones in the trenches, the men and women behind the scenes of the amazing developements throughout South Florida... They EcoArtists of South Florida and they need your help...

See some photos of the event below....

"EcoArt South Florida is producing a documentary hoping to reach the next level of awareness and cooporation..."

"This documentary reveals EcoArt as a hybrid, trans-disciplinary practice that encourages the collaboration of artists with scientists, engineers and architects in creating ecologically beneficial art-interventions that transform communities and spark the cultural change that can lead to a cleaner future.
The film project will focus on the serious problems with clean water and renewable energy specific to South Florida. Audiences will learn how science, technology and art, layered and integrated, become EcoArt, revealing the idiosyncracies of this region’s environmental issues, and the solutions that best address them. The use of animated infographics will depict the facts and figures to support the science involved in EcoArt practice." ( Click here for more: FILM )

Please Show Your support By Clicking Here: EcoArt:  It's Only Natural

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