Tuesday, June 10, 2014

This Summer's Best Bet!

For Immediate Release:

What's All the BUZZ About Exhibition

Opening Reception on July 11, 2014 | 5-8 PM

Art on Park Gallery

800 Park Ave.
Lake Park, Florida

Rolando Chang Barrero

Curator, Rolando Chang Barrero has his eyes set on Lake Park. He says,"This is going to be the place to hang out, buy art, and listen to great music this summer!" As a member of the Artists of Palm Beach County, it seems only perfect that the ActivistArtistA Galleries director would chose APBC Gallery and Studios, located at 800 Park Ave.,  to have his inaugural summer event call "What's All the BUZZ about?".

"What's All the Buzz About?" is a Juried Exhibition of contemporary works, in all media., that will explores the relationship between the artist and the environment.  The spotlight of this exhibition will be on the vital role of the bee in the South Florida eco-system. 
The exhibition is presented by The Artists of Palm Beach County and ActivistArtistA II in an unexpected union between the conservative APBC and the often radical ActivistArtistA exhibitions.

The exhibition, a benefit for Palm Beach Beekeepers Association, will include a special guest presentation by the PBBA president Al Salopeck.

As customary at all of the ActivistArtistA events live music will play a part in the festivities:  Jon Greco Band will be performing.
Photo Credit: Matt Sturgess
Sponsored by PureHoney Magazine, who's editor Steev Rulmann helped jury the exhibition.

Exhibition Statement

by Mary Jo Aagerstoun,President of Eco-Art South Florida

“What’s All the Buzz?” is an exhibition to honor the humble honey bee, especially our Florida native ones. Bees are necessary to pollinate crops that feed humans, and to pollinate wild plants and trees so they can flourish. Studies show that Florida native bees are much more efficient and industrious pollinators of Florida’s crops than are non native honeybees shipped in for pollinating. We would like to address this issue proactively through conversations, demonstarations, and ultimately through the incepection of art related projects that may surface as a result of the exhibition.

This is just one approach to making the invisible visible that artists can do so well. The invisible here are the systems of industrial agriculture.
Another approach to utilizing art based in science to bring visibility to the plight of our bees, is the work of Kelly Rogers who recently completed a multi media installation as part of her MFA qualifications. The installation includes live bees. bee-ecology.com

Yet another approach is art that utilizes native plants in outdoor installations that can provide nectar specifically for native Florida bees. A recent example of a landscape designed by an EcoArtist to attract and nurture Florida native pollinators is Eco Walk in Boynton Beach at the new LEED Gold certified apartment complex, Seabourn Cove. http://www.boynton-beach.org/departments/public_art/projects/dixie_ecowalk.php While this work, by local Palm Beach county EcoArtist Lucy Keshavarz is focused more closely on butterflies, the plants selected also encourage native bees.

Martin County EcoArtist Jesse Etelson discovered that a fanciful ceramic vessel designed as a screech owl nesting box actually attracted native Florida bees instead! His research after this serendipitous occurrence showed that indeed ceramic containers have been used for millennia dating back to Egyptian beekeepers as ideal beehives. http://jesseetelson.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/screechowl.jpg

In the garden-planting-as-art arena, a stellar example that could be adopted by Palm Beach county artists would be the work by EcoArtist and sculptor Stacy Levy’s parterre garden of perennials native to the Seattle area, planted in the shadow of the city’s iconic “Space Needle” which, after its 6 months growing period was parceled out in pieces to local community gardens and parks. The plants were inserted into biodegradable straw and coir waddles, very easy to remove and relocate once the exhibition ended. http://www.stacylevy.com/installations/straw_garden.php  

We are seeking especially proposals or existing art works that could be installed onsite in Palm Beach Couty that can address the bee disappearance phenomenon with active solutions.

This does not mean we will not include the traditional paintings, drawings, sculpture, video and performance, but we would like to see our Palm Beach county artists step forward with direct impact works and proposals for works.

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