Monday, December 19, 2011

The ActivistArtsitA Bay Gates Project Tour

Tour The District and see the ActivistArtistA Bay Gates Project
Bring the Family the kids are gonna love it

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The initiation of the ActivistArtistA Bay Gates intallations have brought folks at all hours to see the murals commissioned by various arts patrons at The District.

Roly Chang Barrero, the founder of ActivstArtistA Gallery and Studio located at The District is watching a his dream taking shape faster then he expected.  The Boynton Beach Art District on West Industrial Ave., (just west of I95 off the Boynton Beach exit) has come back to life in just a few months.  Art Walks, tours, and orther community events like the Art Garage Sale, ART WALK 2012, The Stroke of Genius Exhibition, the introduction of Food Trucks at all events, and of course KeroWACKED, are bringing the community and it's artists together.  

Please click on Artist Name to see to see more!

"The Big Bang Theory" was the first of the installations at The District.
Art by: Grab, Rekal, and Tubz. Still in progress.

This large mural,  is a triptych designed by Brazilian artist Marcus Borges.

"AnAtomic Bombz" By Fuse was begun during The Districts ART Garage Sale.
Still in Progress. Commissioned by ActivistArtistA Gallery

Another artist, Eddie Fuse, happened to hear about the ActivistArtistA Bay Gates Project and just showed up. Seeing over 20 artists, studios, and gallery's bustling with energy during the ART Garage Sale he set out to meet Roly.  After some talk about wanting to be a part of The District he was told to bring his sketches on Monday. The result was "AnAtomic Bombz!" The third mural already on site.

"La Madrina" by Chan Shepherd was commisioned by Roly Chang Barreo for his studio.

"San Lazaro" by Chan Shepherd Commisioned by ActivistArtistA Gallery

Photographer Michael Herb, who will be presenting his photographic journal in March at the ActivistArtistA's Exhibition, "Photography: Journalist or Voyeur", used the Bay Gates as part of a year long project.

Artist Venom begins work on his piece for private business in The District.
See next image to see it progressing.

This is a work in progress between "Venom" and Chan Shepherd.

The Bay Gates have been a favorite place for all visitors to get their pictures taken.

Recently acclaimed videographer Andrew Colton shot a promotional video using 4 of the images as backdrops to create the mood and texture of his rapid fire edits he is known for. 

We will be presenting more artists and their creations as the Bay Gates Project continues. Stay Tuned!

Next ArtWalk!
February 11, 2012
"Love in the Afternoon"

Mike Rothman article...

Mark Your Calendars!
February 26! 

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