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Nadine Hamil By Kimberly Moore

Some days begin with an awesome surprise! Today was one of those days!
Here is story that was in my mailbox when I checked my emails!
I love Nadine and what she brings to the table of life; amazing spirit and sense of community 
-Rolando Chang Barrero, promoter of Palm Beach County's Best Art Walk, ActivistArtistA Gallery

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JULY 12, 2012 5:59PM

Unleash Your Creative Inner Artist with Artful Dreamers Studio in Boynton Beach

Kimberly Moore

Hello, my name is Kimberly and I cannot draw a stick figure.  Truly.  Hands on artsy stuff is something that I LOVE but I just could never really do – except for popsicle stick boxes – I rocked those!  Between the Nuns (10 years of Catholic school & non-approval from the Art Nun) and my Inner Critic, I squash that side of me and I always thought it was ok since I had other ways to express myself like writing and photography, etc…

Unleash Your Creative Inner Artist with Artful Dreamers Studio in Boynton Beach

Those are all the stories that I was telling myself until I met Nadine – The Creative Goddess who owns Artful Dreamers Studio in Boynton Beach.  I was there for a Goddess Birthday Party & we all convened to celebrate and create Goddess collages.  Now, all I can do is think about when I can GO BACK!

Happy Birthday Goddess Party at Artful Dreamers Studio
Artful Dreamers Studio is Magic.  Truly, that is the best word to describe it.  Do you see those glorious faces above??
Nadine manages the controlled chaos of paint, supplies, hot glue guns and glitter with an inner calm that I have never before witnessed.  It did not matter that I cannot paint … or “do art” … or whatever other negative thing that I think thought – at Artful Dreamers Studio POSSIBILITY and CREATION go hand in hand along with all of the supplies that you could ever imagine.
There is a full schedule of activities at Artful Dreamers Studio – Art Retreats, Kids Summer CampIntuitive PaintingWine and Paint and aCreative Women’s Circle (plus tons more – see the Artful Dreamers Studio schedule here).  Nadine and Artful Dreamers Studio are also available for private groups and parties – whether you are turning 10 or 60 – THIS is the place to have a party.  Women’s groups??  Unleash that Shakti energy and wield a hot glue gun in the process!
Abandoned joy – I felt like I was six years old and I had the time of my life – you just have to experience it.
Here is my Goddess Collage:

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