Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Little House in Boynton Beach Fares Well!

The Little House in Boynton Beach!

Little House serves up good eats!

The Little House serves up right! Good eats, good service, and best of all good beer!

My friend, Ben Wolford (SunSentinel writer) and I were greeted  immediately upon arrival by Little House manager, Connie Kros. We opted to enjoy the breeze on the patio and enjoy a beverage before entering.  It was a perfect evening to exchange ideas and chat about the develpoments going on around town. A writer and an artist chatting about the state of affairs is not to be missed.  Folks sitting on the log chairs next to us were already noshing on 'Snacks' as they are refered to on the menu! I peeked over as I overheard the neighbor exhale and say,"This is sooo good!" It was the Ahi Tuna ($11) that was delighting her! 

Ben Wolford and Rolando Chang Barrero at The Little House

Owner, Chrissy Benoit, looked so happy, she knows everything is right! Her menu, developed with  Chef Albert Charles, is outstanding! Useing terms like fluffy , toasty, gooey, and classic, the menu is easy to ready, and Definitely Tasty! The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming! The service is excellent!  Chrissy has brought her A-Game to Boynton, and it showed!

The decor had Ben and I glancing around the room when we finally made our way indoors.  Of course we debated-- we argued whether the folksy chandelier was made from 'mason jars' or 'ball jars,' Umm, after closer observation we notice they were neither-- we agreed to call them 'canning jars'!  Without hesitation we unwrapped our face towels, which held our silverware, and began our feast! Indian Butter Chicken ($9), Savory Bread Pudding w/ Sour Cream ($8), Creamy Artichoke Dip ($7), Skirt Steak Salad ($12), and finally Warmed Pineapple Upside Down Cake ($4)

Everything was 'YUMMY' at The Little House!

Ben's comment for the evening was, "Wow, a place where an artist and a writer can afford to eat--on our salaries!"  Ummm, salary? Whats that!

The Little House serves 20 craft beer selections from micro-breweries, as near as Cigar City in Tampa, Florida, and as far as Chinay Belgium, things are really 'hoppin' at The Little House! 

Menu prices range for $4 to $12

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