Monday, July 2, 2012

Drawing Classes at Jerry's Artarama!


Join the Fun! Come out and register for a day or for the course! 

Only $20 per class or $80 for the course (5 Classes).

Join me every Satuday afternoon from 4 to 6 pm.Bring mom and dad! 

Bring the kidz! Fun for everyone as we explore materials, tips and tricks!

Register here:
1 Day   $20
5 Days $80 (20% discount!)
Studio Classes

Contact: Rolando Chang Barrero 786-521-1199

ActivistArtistA Studio:Fun with Basics! 
Begining Drawing

Materials List Suggested:

9"X12" Drawing Pad
18"X24" Drawing Pad
Pencils/Charcoal/Grapite (6B, HB, 2H, etc..)
Vine Charcoal
Black India Ink
Watercolor brushes

Week 1


1.     Utensils

2.     SurfacesLines and shapes

3.     straight lines, curved lines

4.     2-D shapes:circles, squares, triangles

5.     3-D shapes: spheres, boxes, pyramids, cylinders...Perspectives:

6.     the horizon line

7.     perspectives: 1, 2, & 3 point

8.     Illusion using objects of the same size9.     Practice with Pencils....

Week 2

Being Positive! Being Negative

10. The Outline

11. The SpacesContour Drawing12. Blind Exercise

13. Leaning to see

14. A still life in 1 minute

15. Practicing values

Week 3

B.   Playing with Light

1.     Shading

2.     Shadows

C.   The Stick Figure

1.     Proportions with simple shapes

D.  Building a basic body

1.     Putting it all together

2.     Draw me!!! ( using branch and ink)

Week 4

E.   Fun With Tips and Tricks

1.     Figurative

2.     Non-Figurative

F.    Concept and Design

1.     What to Draw

2.     Preparations for finals

Week 5

G.  Studio Time H.  Critique

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

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