Friday, July 25, 2014

New Earth Tribes Call for Meditation to Create Unity and Resolution to Art Walk Ban

Emily Andari of New Eath Tribes  
410 West Industrial Ave., Boynton Beach, Florida 
Where you happen to be... 

and Emily Andari of New Earth Tribes are requesting our presence July 30, Wednesday evening, from 7:30 (sunset) to a gathering with drums, rattles, open hearts and positivity with the intention to lift the Artwalk ban and clear any obstacles in the further expansion and well being of the Arts District and community of artists. 

As many of you know Rolando and his significant efforts on behalf of the community in Boynton Beach and surrounding areas has left a long lasting and heart felt impact on the lives of many. Please join us in supporting not only the Boynton Beach Arts District but the entire creative collective in lifting the artwalk ban!  

About New Earth Tribes:

New Earth Tribes is a space where dreams are actualized, where magic is realized.
Transformation through teachings and traditions of indigenous wisdom.
New Earth Tribes community and The Wakeup has continued to grow and thrive for over 3 years. We stand for transformation and empowerment. By way of earth medicine, teachings and traditions of indigenous wisdom and providing a space for authentic expression and sharing of the gifts and talents we are blessed with, New Earth Tribes proves to be a beacon of light and source of Joy. We are currently growing our outreach programs in halfway houses and treatment centers. All are welcome to New Earth Tribes.

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