Tuesday, December 8, 2015

World AIDS Day Exhibit Continues!! Exhibition Spolighted in Current South Florida Gay News!

A Day Without Art Revisited Exhibition and Auction 
continues until December 11, 2015

"I would like to express my gratitude to the arts community for an outstanding show of support."
-Rolando Chang Barrero, Curator 

Our first exhibition which is currently on display in conjunction with the
Names Project Memorial Quilt will be open until December 11, 2015."
You can purchase of the works on display through the silent auction process, or
buy now. Please visit:

201 N. Dixie Highway, Lake Worth, FL 33460 
The work donated by the following artists to Compass Community Center
will be available for purchase and auction from 

December 2-11, 2015

List of Artists:

Allison Kotzig, Marilyn Mendez, Maxine Spector, Nicole Galluccio, Ali Miranda,
Rolando Chang Barrero, Blond Jenny, Freddy and Nickie Hennevelt, Samantha Perez, Ed Burnette,
Adrianna Ficarelli, Cesca Veo, Michael Moore, Thomas McAvoy, Debra Robert,
Petrina Easton, Craig McInnis, Ray Gross, Frances Lynn, Robert Catapano, Ana Rossi,
Beverly Caparella, Joanne Urban, Rosalia Curbello, Doreen Grasso, Bud Parker,
Durga Garcia, Tracy Cunningham, Sharon Koskoff, Robert Turtle Rosa, Erin Fromkes,
Diane Arrieta, Jenny Love, Jacqueline Kern, and Wayne Lekowitz.

Special Thanks to Steve Ellman for the Exhibition Essay.
A Day With(out) Art Revisited
It was an age of exploration, the '70s, in our lives and in our art. Idols lay shattered in the wake of Vietnam and Watergate, and flowers bloomed in the rubble. In our innocence, sex seemed like a gift without price, and maybe it was, for a time. Inevitably, artists, whose job it is to “make it new,” drank deep of those pleasures. And in the '80s, when the plague arrived, artists swelled the ranks of the doomed. (Continue Here)

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