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KeroWACKED Press Release

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ActivistArtistA's KeroWACKED! Art & Music Marathon!

ActivistArtistA's KeroWACK: Homage to JacK Multi-Media Marathon is an all day Mini-Music/Art Event . Sunday, February 26, 2012, The District comes alive with a cornucopia of sounds and visual art.


PRLog (Press Release) - Jan 29, 2012 -
ActivistArtistA's KeroWACKED: Homage to Jack is a Music and Arts Festival with undertones of the richness of the 60's Beat Generation.  Live Poetry how you haven't see it before, automatic writing, live painting, live bands and DJ's set the stage for this unique South Florida Experience.
Live Music include the unique sounds of Mike Mineo, Teri Catlin, and Waveframe.  Rock , Country Western, Jazz, and even House Music will be performed by your favorite bands and spin masters including: Duncan Beats, The M(e)yers Trilogy, and The Loxahatchee Sinners, Behold the Wolf, Steve Minotti and others! Rap, House, and Hip-Hop,Trance and New School Beats by LMNOP and Al KUSH and DJ's Shayne Pilpel, Brock Lambert, Alex de Marchi and {in Boxes}.
Live Painting and Performance Art by Alan Burgess, Roly Chang Barrero, Lea Vendetta, Jamall Clark, Andrew Ackerman.
Street Artists and Muralist will be installing work on Roly Chang Barrero's ongoing Bay Gate's Project! (Chan Shepherd, Paul Caprio and others will be painting throughout the day)
At the ActivistArtistA Gallery, paintings and sculptures by Lorraine Marks, Kim Fay, Joshua von Nonn, Kris Delgado, Alexia Hemingway, Paul Slater, and Thomas McAvoy are just a few of the recognized local artists joining the KeroWACKED Experience.

Joshua von Nonn
"KeroWACKED: Homage to Jack"
Watching Josh paint, you’re immediately struck by how quickly the look of a piece can change, how seemingly unafraid he is to paint over forms that only took shape days or hours ago. Not satisfied with a result that seems merely good, or that other people like, Josh pushes on, risking the good and the likable, until the dialectic of paint-then-paint-over reaches a crisis point where the whole thing seems palpably wrong, unrealized. That moment ups the stakes and sets the stage for a confrontation where what happens next finally matters enough – where Josh can now find out whether this piece will be worth anything to him. The impasse could grind on long enough to divert his attention to other works, but when the built up static electricity rumbles to a spark and there’s enough energy to overcome the standoff, a real cathexis transpires and the painting is invested with all the feeling and meanings latent in that struggle and its resolution. The painting may still be about other things as well, and it may carry over many of the elements that were there before, but it now conducts a new charge – courage.
Andrew Ackerman
"KeroWACKED: Homage to Jack"

"Lovers embrace in outer space. Two sensual beings are intertwined in pure bliss. These green entities defy gravity as their bodies become part of a puzzle of sensuous shape and design. Rarely are we spectators to an other-worldly romance such as this."

Andrew Ackerman is a Brooklyn born abstract painter. Ackerman's work is a fusion of graffiti art, Pop art, abstract expressionism and calligraphy. His mysterious but playful painting style has been featured on the pages Wemerge Magazine and his exhibitions include MultiVersal: Art Basel 2011. 
Valyn Calhoun
"KeroWACKED: Homage to Jack"

Valyn Calhoun is an emerging artist/photographer based in South Florida, graduated from AIU with a BFA in Visual Communications.

 "I am fascinated by art and photography is my lifeblood. I would do anything for my craft. I currently own my own photography company, and focus on fashion, nightlife, portraits and commissions."

This is Valyn's second invitaion to display his photography at ActivistArtistA
"Shadow Play" was installed duing the "Pre-Opening Exhibition." 

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