Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Cuban Artist, Rolando Chang Barrero Creates Gay-American Flag!

La Bandera del Pajaro-Americano/ Gay American Flag

Cuban-American artist, Rolando Chang Barrero, hes been painting flags this year and what a reception they have been getting. From his his first flag painting, Las Colonias, which is now in the Litrento Collection, to his most recent painting "La Bandera del Parajaro-Americano" (Gay-American Flag), his stylized flags with his signature "Pajaros"(birds) have become his most popular series of paintings.  

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Here are some of the other flags...

Las Colonias (Litrento Collection)

Las Colonias Study (Lamm Collection)

America the Beautiful
Orgullo/Pride (Lamm Collection)
American Flag #1 (Ferris Collection)
Flag Mural at FAT Village, Fort Lauderdale
Puerto Rican Flag

Cuban Flag on Display at "Los Cuatro Exhibition" CU-1 Gallery

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