Monday, May 13, 2013

Boynton Beach Art District in the news again! WLRN Reports, " Yes, Art Abounds North of Wynwood!

Whats going on in Palm Beach this week?

Thank You! WLRN and Andrea Richard!

Yes, Art Abounds North Of Wynwood

Last week's satirical Fort Lauderdale slam by The Onion claimed the city “lacks any kind of cultural depth," something hotly disputed by locals.
So, where are the cultural gems in Broward and Palm Beach counties? Don’t get fooled by the wealth of strip malls, high-rises, and balmy palm tree landscape.
Culture is alive around these parts -- it’s just not always so easily found.
Granted, Miami leads South Florida’s art scene, with world-renowned Art Basel and the burgeoning Wynwood Arts District, home to the bustling second Saturday art walks and street-art installations with international appeal. But there exist art hubs worth scoping out beyond Miami.
Over recent years, three main art districts have sprung up from Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach.  Each spot shares a common vision to support the arts and foster a creative community with a bohemian spirit. Here’s where to find cultural communities outside the 305.
Blocks 410–422 W. Industrial Ave., Boynton Beach
The Boynton Beach Art District occupies a dusty industrial park that has attracted a community of fulltime working artists. It began in early 2012 with public events, like the art walk held on the fourth Thursday of the month, and third Thursdays open mic nights. It was the February 2012 multimedia showcase “Kerowhacked Festival” that got the conversation going. “So nobody knew there was an arts district here until they heard about the events,” says Rolando Chang Barrero, event organizer and owner of ActivistArtistA Gallery.  While this artist-driven site has outdoor murals and street art, Rolando wouldn’t compare this two-block warehouse hub to Wynwood. “Our space is more akin to the Lincoln Road of the late ‘80s, early ‘90s, whereas there were no commercial venues or stores. Then it [Lincoln Road] was a place run by independent artists and nonprofits,” he explains.  At this only city-sanctioned arts district in Palm Beach County, onlookers can find stone sculptures, metal works, public art pieces, paintings, installation works, and hear live music during public events. Next to come are plans to cultivate edible gardens, and repaint the outdoor murals with work.
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