Monday, May 20, 2013

Channel 5 News: Artists revitalizing industrial park in Boynton Beach to create art district

Artists revitalizing industrial park in Boynton Beach to create art district

The Boynton Beach Art District is getting a facelift as volunteers work to revitalize an old industrial park near I-95.
The urban revitalization project took place throughout the weekend and is already showing progress.
The groups goal is to turn the area that was once blighted into something vibrant. 
West of I-95, off Boynton Beach Boulevard and West Industrial Road is where the volunteers have been working.
The once run down industrial park is now transforming into a home of art.
"I'm basically just spray painting a cartoon character," Joey Cruz said.
Cruz is an artist who was doing graffiti work on a garage bay in the industrial park.
"We are showing the youth and the community that graffiti isn't vandalism," he said. "It's another form of art."
Inside of the bay garages are businesses and artists.
Rolando Chang Barrero is the leading artist behind the revitalization of the industrial park.
He leases out the spaces to other artists in the district.
Barrero said he has big plans for the district, which don't just involve art.
"Our sights are on bringing a juice bar and an organic coffee shop to the area," he sai
He also plans to bring a garden to the side of the road where the industrial park is located.
"We would like to be an educational center for children," Barrero said. "Teaching them how to eat properly. Teaching them how to grow their own food and pick it."
This is just phase one, but Barrero said they can use the help of the public as they complete the next two phases over the next couple months.
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