Ten artists will paint 10 murals, amounting to more than 70 linear feet of painted art.
Graffiti artists like Dennis Pomales, 27, will spray paint colorful, eccentric murals for the two-day event.
Pomales couldn't confirm what he would be painting, but he's confident that he will figure it out.
"It's spur of the moment. It's very intuitive, and it always works out," he said. He plans to paint one of the characters that he routinely sketches — some of his characters have six eyes and some have faces made out of pyramids.
"I call my characters ultra-terrestial enlightened beings," he said.
At the event, Pomales wants people to watch how a blank wall can morph into art.
"It's interesting to see the artistic process and get lost in it. Sometimes people are confused as to how the art will turn out, but toward the end they understand," he said.
Other participating artists include Seezone, Winkstyles, Nino Liguori, Flick, Serafima Sokolov, Venom, Ripe, Eduardo Mendieta, Craig McInnes and Paul Caprio.
While art is a major part of the event, improving the community is most important, said Bill Milner, an urban grower, artist and social entrepreneur who will be attending.
Milner and other garden enthusiasts will be working on removing weeds, laying soil and planting flowers in the district.
"I find that projects work out better when people do things on their own," said Milner. "Whether going before the city or a private developer to make change in the community, there must be an initiative from the local community."
But event organizer Barrero said that the city has been very supportive of the area's artistic dreams.
"The city of Boynton Beach is extremely supportive of green and artistic efforts, even during a downturn in the economy they never took their eye off of arts, because the city knows it's value," Battero said.
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If you go
Painting in the Bay Gate area, 410-422 W. Industrial Ave., will begin at 1 p.m. on Saturday and continue through sunset on Sunday.