Friday, May 24, 2013

Next THINK TANK Coming up in July....

Jerry's Artarama and ActivistArtistA
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013
Location: TBA

Past Think Tank was held at: 
Boynton Beach Art District
May 23, 2013

Boynton Beach's recently revitalized art district served as the backdrop for an amazing gahering aptly called THINK TANK.  The brightest and most infulencial advocates and artists converged for a meeting of minds in a 2 hour dialogue about the art scence in Palm Beach County.   

The guests who arrived a bit early for THINK TANK were taken on a breif tour of the newly painted Bay Gates Project. Promptly at 6:30 the intoductions began followed by the exchanges of ideas and dreams for Palm Beach County arts and entertainment.

The acension of the tri-city art scene in Palm Beach County, the county is clearly recognized as  a force to be contended with already.

I hope you enjoy these candid shots of the very first THINK TANK!
For more information on becoming a part of the develpoments and sharing your ideas please contact:
or join us on facebook

Thank you,
Rolando Chang Barrero

An available art studio at BBAD became the incubator for ideas and exchanges...
For more info on space availability contact us at 786-521-1199

Community Caring Center of Boynton Beach provides refreshments for our guests.

Owner of Graffiti Iconz in Lake Worth, H2O attends THINK THANK! 

Our guest paying close attention to exchanges and introductions of the "Who's Who"  of Palm Beach County!

See how many community leaders you recognize!
Please leave comments below.... 

After, we had a bit of socializing to be done...
ART HIVE Magazine made a surprise apperence to shoot a few pic's for upcoming issue!

A bit of entertaiment set the mood for the meeting after the meeting.

Our guests enjoyed the Paper Plane Exhibition
at ActivistArtistA Gallery

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