Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Rolando Chang Barrero Guest Speaker at Give Miami Day for Florida Justice Center

Rolando Chang Barrero Guest Speaker Give Miami Day for Florida Justice Center

Starting at 9am and ending at 9pm, we will be
broadcasting LIVE from the CIC in Miami for a 12-hour livestream.

Tune in throughout the day as we raise awareness for the barriers faced by justice-involved people and raise funds to help provide FREE legal services throughout Miami-Dade County. 

Donate at

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Discussion of the challenges faced by returning citizens from jail and prison with
Rolando Barrero and Jonathan Bleiweiss

November 18, 202 at 1 PM

Our livestream will include guest speakers, Miami trivia, special cocktails by the Mexican Mixologist, a smoked pork
Cuban sandwich recipe by
BaconCartel’s Chef Jeffrey Schlissel,

The Box Gallery curator, Rolando Chang Barrero

and plenty of surprises! It is sure to be a day of fun, education, and philanthropy as we try to reach our fundraising goal of $60k.

Join the livestream by visiting any of our FacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitterYouTube or on our homepage at starting at 9am.

Please share this link with your friends, family, and coworkers as we make this Give Miami Day our most successful one yet.

We encourage you to provide a contribution of any size as we try to make a meaningful change in our community. Your giving will go to expanding FLJC’s legal services and providing holistic care to more people in Miami.

Donate at

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Join Me in Making a Change with Florida Justice Center

I am proud to be the Community Relations Manager at Florida Justice Center. I'm asking you to support this revolutionary organization that is changing lives in Miami this #GiveMiamiDay

As the only nonprofit legal aid organization serving Miami that’s dedicated to providing free holistic legal and social services, FLJC stands for what I believe in: justice, equality, and second chances.

My personal goal is to raise $2,500 to aid returning citizens. By giving you're supporting programs that help Miamians get better jobs and get back on their feet.

Last year, FLJC touched the lives of 153 people, but so far in 2021 we've already served over 2,000 people! In 2022, Our goal is to reach over 4,000 people and to increase the number of legal clinics in the Miami community.

Thank you for supporting me and this very important cause.

-Michelle Damone

9AM – Coffee Talk with Alex and Jonathan: Discussion of Give Miami Day, FLJC, and the day to come

10AM – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with Natalie Robinson Bruner of Glad Ed Solutions: Discussion of unconscious bias

10:30AM – George Floyd Movement Retrospective and Look Forward with Melba Pearson, Esq.

10:50AM – Miami Beach Ordinance Criminalizing Recording of Police: Discussion with Alex Saiz and our client Bree.

11:00AM – Immigration topics with Jessenia Rosales, Esq., Alex Saiz, Esq., and William Sanchez, Esq.: Effects of a conviction on immigration status and the importance of identification documents

11:20AM – Temas de inmigración con Jessenia Rosales, Esq., Alex Saiz, Esq., Y William Sanchez, Esq .: Efectos de una condena en el estado migratorio y la importancia de los documentos de identificación

12:00PM – Chef Jeffrey Schlissel of BaconCartel shows how to make a Smoked Pork Cuban Sandwich followed by relaxing music, trivia, and a discussion of the news.

12:50PM – Know Your Rights: Protesting

1PM – Discussion of the challenges faced by returning citizens from jail and prison with Rolando Barrero and Jonathan Bleiweiss

1:45PM – Know Your Rights: Traffic Stops

2PM – Representative Matt Willhite provides legislative updates and discusses issues of concern to Floridians

3PM – History of Cubans in Miami

3:30PM – Know Your Rights: If Immigration Arrests You with Gina Fraga

4PM – Know Your Rights: What To Do If You’re Arrested

5PM – Give Miami Day Cocktail #1 with Mexican Mixologist

5:05PM – Criminal law’s disproportionate affect on the Transgender community

5:25PM – History of Gay Miami

6PM – Give Miami Day Cocktail #2 with Mexican Mixologist

6:05PM – Discussion of Cannabis Topics, Sponsored by Green Thumb Industries

7PM – Give Miami Day Cocktail #3 with Mexican Mixologist

7:05PM – Discusión sobre temas de cannabis

8PM – Give Miami Day Cocktail #4 with Mexican Mixologist

8:05PM – Wrapping up the day and what’s next

Friday, November 5, 2021

Jason World Interview

Rolando Barrero, an artist and political activist, cancer survivor and incredible person
- the first hero of our Bounce Forward! Tour!

This interview is about how many aspects of life are miraculously outweighed into one work of life and
become an inspiration for changes in the world around.