Friday, May 31, 2013

NPR / WLRN Christine DiMattei says,"Check Out The Emerging Arts Scene In Boynton Beach !"

Credit C. DiMattei
Artist Rolando Chang Barrero is spearheading the effort to grow Boynton Beach's arts scene.
Credit C. DiMattei
"Check Out The Emerging Arts Scene In Boynton Beach !"

See photos by Christine DiMattei

  • Christine DiMattei talks to artist Rolando Chang Barrero about his efforts to spearhead the growing arts scene in Boynton Beach.
If you’re looking for Boynton Beach’s arts district, you won’t find it near any trendy restaurants or high-end boutiques.  Actually, the closest business is an auto shop and the nearest place to grab a bite to eat is a gas station on the corner.
But if no one took this artists’ enclave seriously 18 months ago . . .
“ . . . they do now!” exclaims Rolando Chang Barrero.
Barrero is a local artist, with roots in the Coconut Grove and South Beach art scenes.  Seeking an inexpensive workspace, he rented a garage bay in an industrial park just west of I-95 in 2011.  Things got a little lonely, so he scooped up whatever spaces became vacant and invited fellow artists to settle there. Before long, painters were using the garage bay doors as mural canvasses and some of the compartments as mini-art galleries.
Barrero feels artists should take responsibility for building their own communities.
“In every historical art period, you always had the integration and the collaboration of all the arts," says Barrero.  "In order to make an impact in this century, I believe it’s necessary again."

Barrero is also working with urban farmers to create a raw foods garden on the property. And a half a block away, there’s a plot of land he’s setting his sights on for a performing arts center.

But while the city supports the revitalization effort, the district is pretty much on its own when it comes to funding. Barrero says he’s had to rely on private donations of money and art supplies to keep the Boynton Beach Arts District alive.
The Boynton Beach Arts District is located at 410 - 422 W. Industrial Ave., Boynton Beach.

Think Tank Brings out the Brass

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Author Cary Polkovitz in Solo Exhibition: Printed Matters!

"Printed Matters"

An Exhibition of Images and Short Stories 


Cary Polkovitz's New Publication

"Often Overlooked"

ActivistArtistA Gallery
422 West Industrial Ave.
Boynton Beach FL 33426


Meet Up!

Opening Reception and ReadingThursday, 
June 20, 2013 | 7 PM

Exhibition Dates: 6-20 thru 7-10 

Special Guests Reading from the following:

Cary Polkovitz"Often Overlooked"

All books will be available for purchase, including photographer, 
Susan Caplan's published photgraphic essays!

Cary Polkovitz's Often Overlooked is Reaching Tens of Thousands of People Online, and is Now Available in Print! 
Learn more about this book, and schedule the author for an interview

Have you ever noticed something misplaced by the side of the road and wondered, "How did that get there?" Well, there might be more to it than you had initially thought.
Author Cary Polkovitz explores the potential of these items in his book, based on an online feature he updates daily. Often Overlooked is a compendium of over 70 short and wildly imaginative vignettes, each inspired and accompanied by a color photograph of a found object.

One day, on a lark, local artist Cary Polkovitz wrote a fanciful yarn alongside a photo of an ordinary fire hydrant and posted it online. Much to the delight of his friends and followers, the stories kept coming. It is now a daily affair with a reach of over 20,000 people, its stories ranging from the absurd to the horrific. Through them all runs a quiet understanding that compels readers to wonder about the possible lives of things Often Overlooked.

In his prose, Polkovitz intends to amuse, engage and fascinate the reader with concise, witty gems from an unseen world. A shoe in the grass is all that remains of a boy who, after failing to heed his mother's instructions, floated away. An oddly placed set of numbers on a curb foretells a man of his death. A helium balloon longs to see the world from a different height. Often Overlooked is a uniquely imagined and one-of-a-kind literary experience truly suitable for an all-encompassing audience.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Artist Rolando Chang Barrero at Collaboration Art Walk in Northwood Village!

Artist Rolando Chang Barrero, recently featured artist in Delray Beach Magazine, will be in exhibiing his recent works at Collaboration Art Walk in Northwood Village, West Palm Beach, FL.

See some of Rolando's work on Pinterest: Paintings Photography.

Rolando maintains an art studio at the Boyton Beach Art District, 406-422 West Industrial Ave., Boynton Beach FL 33426, where he organizes The BBAD on Thursday Events and is the curator/owner of ActivistArtistA Gallery.

Collaboration Art Walk in Northwood Village 

Friday, May 31 from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
400 – 500 blocks of Northwood Road in Northwood Village
Produced by the West Palm Beach Community Redevelopment Agency, *A.T.B. and Northwood Village Merchants

Northwood Village Art and Wine Promenade

A.T.B. Fine Artists & Designers LLC in partnership with the Northwood CRA in West Palm Beach will be hosting Collaboration: Art walk in Northwood Village during May’s Northwood Art & Wine Promenade on Northwood Rd. There will be 15 talented artists (5 emerging & 10 professional) from different parts of Florida exhibiting and selling their creations as well as vendors who will provide information about our art community.

The Northwood Village Art and Wine Promenade event is Free Public activity organized by the City of West Palm Beach and its Mayor’s office and aimed to promote the cultural life of the historical Northern side of the city and all the quality businesses in that area and the great many offers they bring to all residents and visitors. Whether you’re a casual shopper, serious foodie, inspired artist or looking for a great scene… the village has something for you.

Friday, May 24, 2013

New Times says, "BBAD, Booming Cultural Happenings!

"BBAD, Booming Cultural Happenings!
by Alex Rendon

Featuring up-and-coming local artists, sculptors, poetry readings, open-mic performers, bands, and a consortium of art connoisseurs, the art walks, held the third Thursday of each month at the Boynton Beach Arts District, have become booming cultural happenings in a little over a year. This cluster of art galleries and studios, tucked away in an industrial area of Boynton Beach, is slowly growing up and striking a nerve in Palm Beach County’s scene. This month’s art walk seeks to unify the county’s diversified art world. Under the name Think Tank, BBAD is rounding up Palm Beach County arts supporters, leaders, and philanthropists for a night of cultural brainstorming. Rolando Chang Barrero, the outspoken and ardent founder and organizer of BBAD, hopes to work with different cultural entities in the county and look at ways the group can unify. Sponsored by Jerry’s Artarama of West Palm Beach, Think Tank will have many key individuals from a host of different disciplines in attendance, but all Palm Beach County art lovers are welcome. This artsy think tank happens Thursday from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Boynton Beach Arts District, located at 422 W. Industrial Way in Boynton Beach. It’s free to attend. Call 786-521-1199, or visit 

Think Tank Brings out the Brass

Vote Here:


Next THINK TANK Coming up in July....

Jerry's Artarama and ActivistArtistA
Co-Sponsors of
Tuesday, July 9, 2013
Location: TBA

Past Think Tank was held at: 
Boynton Beach Art District
May 23, 2013

Boynton Beach's recently revitalized art district served as the backdrop for an amazing gahering aptly called THINK TANK.  The brightest and most infulencial advocates and artists converged for a meeting of minds in a 2 hour dialogue about the art scence in Palm Beach County.   

The guests who arrived a bit early for THINK TANK were taken on a breif tour of the newly painted Bay Gates Project. Promptly at 6:30 the intoductions began followed by the exchanges of ideas and dreams for Palm Beach County arts and entertainment.

The acension of the tri-city art scene in Palm Beach County, the county is clearly recognized as  a force to be contended with already.

I hope you enjoy these candid shots of the very first THINK TANK!
For more information on becoming a part of the develpoments and sharing your ideas please contact:
or join us on facebook

Thank you,
Rolando Chang Barrero

An available art studio at BBAD became the incubator for ideas and exchanges...
For more info on space availability contact us at 786-521-1199

Community Caring Center of Boynton Beach provides refreshments for our guests.

Owner of Graffiti Iconz in Lake Worth, H2O attends THINK THANK! 

Our guest paying close attention to exchanges and introductions of the "Who's Who"  of Palm Beach County!

See how many community leaders you recognize!
Please leave comments below.... 

After, we had a bit of socializing to be done...
ART HIVE Magazine made a surprise apperence to shoot a few pic's for upcoming issue!

A bit of entertaiment set the mood for the meeting after the meeting.

Our guests enjoyed the Paper Plane Exhibition
at ActivistArtistA Gallery

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Best Of New Times.... Vote for ActivistArtistA!

Read what they are saying about us and vote for 
at The Boynton bech Art District
It's Time To Vote for BEST Art Gallery!
Choose ActivistArtistA!!

Read what they are saying about us and vote for 
New Times
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, New Times began a search for the best that Broward and Palm Beach Counties have to offer. In this distant past, there was lots of beach time and not much else. New Times' first Best of Broward / Palm Beach® issue gave the people hope. They discovered good places to eat brunch, to grow like Jabba the Hutt, walk their mighty canines in the manner of Chewbacca, and quaff their Jawa beer.

This June, the sunshine strikes back. As the summer heat returns like the Death Star to our tropical clime, New Timescontinues the grand tradition with the 15th Best of Broward / Palm Beach® issue, which will name more than 200 of the area's finest restaurants, hottest clubs, most delightful diversions, and top places to shop.
Now, the force is with you. Readers can join in the Sunshine Wars by casting votes in our online poll. Voting closes May 29

Vote Here:

Here are just a few of the exhibitions and projects we have organized this year!