Sunday, September 22, 2013

(Un) Common Traces and Poncilli at ActivistArtistA Gallery, Friday, Oct. 4th, 2013

"Travel to 3 separate installations and personally trace the path that Dwelling Projects has created for their debute exhibition since their trip to Ecuador and Back.
(Un)Common Traces with Poncilli is an exhibition, a journey, a remarkable experience for all who love art, travel, and history."
-Rolando Chang Barrero

"...there, you will set out to confront undiscovered places, uncontrolled emotions, unseeing reactions and use these experiences to translate them into 
a new artistic vision."!

For Immediate Release:
 ActivistArtistA Gallery
422 West Industrial Ave, Boynton Beach, Florida, 33426

Dwelling Projects and Poncilli in
Exhibition and Performance Art Night at 
ActivistArtistA Gallery

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Curator: Rolando Chang Barrero 

Opening Reception: Friday, October 4th, 2013 at 7 p.m.

Performance at 8 p.m.

Exhibition continues through October 25th, 2013


ActivistArtistA Gallery

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BOYNTON BEACH, FL---Dwelling Projects and Poncilli Performance group in (Un)Common: Traces, at ActivistArtistA Gallery, is a visual journal of a journey to “Ecuador and Back” by four, Miami based artists: Nathelie Alfonso, Sofia Bastidas, Andres Ramirez, and Edision Peñafiel with the Poncilli Performance troupe of Puerto Rico.

A series of documentary exhibits/installations, and explore how common and uncommon a place can be, not only in the superficial level, but also in the very intimate moments they shared while dwelling in Ecuador, having to confront to undiscovered places, uncontrolled emotions, and unseeing reactions, with a very comforting common taste, language, food, and mannerism.

The four Miami based artists explored Ecuador’s, social and ecological diversity. Now in their return they will be presenting the work they developed while they were traveling for a period of one month from the coast to Ecuador to the highlands, as well new works created for this exhibition. 

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Special Performance Art Piece by Poncilli Creacion of Puerto Rico.
"Poncilli designs transcendental experiences by combining and integrating all types of art forms. Poncili works as a decentralized art collective establishing themselves everywhere they go with the purpose of always breaking limitations and expanding the current definition of what art is thought to be. Poncili currently works in Puerto Rico, Ft. Lauderdale, FL United States, and is currently on a North American Tour."

Curator Note:

I have organized the presentation of "(un) Common Traces"  in 3  separate exhibition spaces dispersed throughout the Boynton Beach Art District to heighten this "experiential show." 

The viewer's will begin their travels from the ActivistArtistA Gallery where Sofia Bastidas work is presented alongside the ephemera collected during their excursion to Ecuador, and a documentary film, the viewers  will follow, "trace",  the path to the first of remaining 3 installations: a photographic montage and video by Andres Ramirez, a video and set design by by Edison Peñafiel, and the raw organic fiber art installation by Nathalie Alfonso.

The works presented highlight the impact on 4 artists who journey towards their past;  akin more to time travelers tracing their ancestral culture heritage, then to the tourist/voyeur documenting the spectacle of a different culture.

From, "Paper Plane" the fundraising exhibition that would allow these artists to travel to "Ecuador and Back," to "Dwelling Projects is Back with: (un) Common Traces" the maturity of the work, and of the artists themselves is astonishingly evident.

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Cultural Council of Palm Beach: 
Call for Nominations for prestigious 2014 Muse Awards Due November 15th, 2013.

Please consider ActivistArtistA Gallery/ Rolando Chang Barrero for: 
Outstanding Collaboration withThe City of Boynton Beach in the developement of the Boynton Beach Art District and contributuitions to the arts in Palm Beach County.

Outstanding Festival for KeroWACKED ART and MUSIC Festival 2013and The Boynton Beach Art District Art Walk (awarded Best Art Walk 2013), both of which were recognized by the press and the public, as new refreshing and vibrant.

Friday, September 20, 2013

EcoArt Fundraiser for Film Outstanding Success!

EcoArt South Florida

The fundraising for EcoArt South Florida's film has begun. The first of a series of fundraisers to complete the film was held at the home of
Mary Jo Aaerstoun and Pat Mathis.

EcoArt South Florida film project launch party
What time is it? Time to Get Together!! …and celebrate the 11 EcoArt projects in our region to be featured in EcoArt South Florida’s upcoming film…scheduled for release in 2014! Hosts: Mary Jo Aagerstoun, EcoArt South Florida President Pierre Rodriguez, EcoArt South Florida Treasurer
Wednesday September 18, 2013 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM EDT
Home of Mary Jo Aagerstoun and Pat Mathis

What a success! Among the EcoArtists, the Sponsors, and Friends of this challenging movement to educate and encourage and, needless to say, decrease negative human impact on the five Florida watersheds--there I stood.
Dressed in a white tee-shirt and jeans ( I didn't know it was a fundraiser )  I did not feel the least bit out of place amoung the fasionably clad crowd. Although most were cleaned up, I know most of this crowd wear the same, they are the DOERS of South Florida. They are the ones in the trenches, the men and women behind the scenes of the amazing developements throughout South Florida... They EcoArtists of South Florida and they need your help...

See some photos of the event below....

"EcoArt South Florida is producing a documentary hoping to reach the next level of awareness and cooporation..."

"This documentary reveals EcoArt as a hybrid, trans-disciplinary practice that encourages the collaboration of artists with scientists, engineers and architects in creating ecologically beneficial art-interventions that transform communities and spark the cultural change that can lead to a cleaner future.
The film project will focus on the serious problems with clean water and renewable energy specific to South Florida. Audiences will learn how science, technology and art, layered and integrated, become EcoArt, revealing the idiosyncracies of this region’s environmental issues, and the solutions that best address them. The use of animated infographics will depict the facts and figures to support the science involved in EcoArt practice." ( Click here for more: FILM )

Please Show Your support By Clicking Here: EcoArt:  It's Only Natural

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Golden Anniversary Party Weekend at ActivistsArtistA: October 11-13

The Biggest Outdoor Art and Music Celebration in Boynton Beach Returns!
 The Second Annual
GOLDEN Art, Music, and Dance Party
Celebrating ActivistArtistA's 2 Year Anniversary in Boynton Beach

October 11-13, 2013
ActivistArtistA Gallery
Boynton Beach Art District
422 West Industrial Ave.,
Boynton Beach, Florida 33426
786/ 521-1199

Friday Night October 11, 2013
7 pm to 1 am

Kickoff Party: 
Electronic Dance Music Showcase
Produced by 

"A.P.E. has been around since '92 promoting, dj'ing, and designing its way deep into the underground.  Our goal is to create the diversity we believe should be the essence of any good self-produced label.  Almost all genres are covered, we invite everyone to come be part of the team if you dig.  Join our Network of over 10,000 friends, loved ones, and future funk brothers & sisters from every corner of the world without fear or bias.  Stay tuned for more cool stuff from all over the world.  We are the beat-boxing, graffiti spraying, break-dancing ninjas of the night.    

As one big family, we would like you to be a part of it!"


MaXXX StiLes

EDM High Energy Dance Party and VIP Reception at ActivistArtistA

The Philosifires
Philosifires are a group of fire performers, hula hoop dancers, and a belly dancer. They are the Official Performers for the Boynton Beach Art District.

VIP Reception for Dwelling Projects
(Un) Common Traces Exhibition
ActivistArtistA Gallery

Saturday, October 12, 2013
5 pm to 10 pm

The Soloists Performances! 

Produced by Rod Dusinberre

Spencer Allan Patrick

and others!

Special Dance Performance 

by Michael Puccio and Studio Dance of Lake Worth.
Studio Dance Lake Worth 8 South Dixie Hwy Lake Worth, FL. 33460 Dancers: Michael Puccio and Danielle DiSpigna

Sunday, October 13, 2013
1 pm to 8 pm

Rock it out! All day!
Food + Drinks + Vendors + Live Music

Organized by Rolando Barrero

Making Faces back from their China Tour!


Sawgrass Express

Rat's Mouth

and others!
Special Dance Performance 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The British Are Coming to BBAD! September Art Walk


BBAD on Thursdays: September Art Walk
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Andrew Jack has been playing and singing in South Florida for over 27 years. Originally from England his love of the music from 'back home' prompted him to put this project together. He has been lucky enough to play with the likes of Harvey Mandel, The Fixx, Nicki French (of "Total eclipse of the Heart" fame) and even Tiny Tim's backing band! Andy has also worked as a stage manager with acts such as Steve Marriot of the Small Faces, Eric Burdon and the Animals, The Four Tops and The Temptations. Every year he appears with the award winning Gypsy Masala Dancers at the Florida Renaissance Festival. Andy also plays bass and sings with the Lu White Band.

The Philosifires: Fire Show

Philosifires are a group of fire performers, hula hoop dancers, and a belly dancer. They are the Official Performers for the Boynton Beach Art District.
The Philosifires are group made of up of varying talents from fire performers using the props of poi, staff, fans, hoops, and whatever else they may decide to dabble into. Along side these performances is a belly dancer of many styles. The group spans from different places ranging throughout South Florida. This particular group outshines because they live to perform and thrive on the audiences' amazement at the end of their set.

To see this group perform, they are the official fire performers of the Boynton Beach Art Districts' Open Mic Night (third Thursday) and Monthly Art Walk (Last Thursday). Be sure to catch them there in their natural habitat.

Please Support Our Sponsors and Vist their Websites!

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2013 | 6-11 PM

Boynton Beach Art District
422 West Industrial Ave.,
Boynton Beach, FL 33426

Open Studios:
Rolando Chang Barrero
Tony Hernandez
Dianette Doyle
Denny Reed
Richard Beau-Lieu
Michael Kupillas
Chanimal Art


ActivistArtistA Gallery
"Valyn Calhoun Retrospective with Rita Baum"

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Work by Rolando Chang Barrero in Group Show! "Invisible Horde" at Unit 1

Please join my fellow artists and I for the reception of

The Invisible Horde
Friday, September 20, 2013 | 7-10 PM

1202 Lucerne Ave.Lake Worth, Florida 33460

My newest piece, " la fossiure a la gent amant" depicts King Mark's agony as he sends his wife Isolt to lay with Tristan at " la fossiure a la gent amant".

I hope you you will attend and enjoy all the amazing art being presented.

Lake Worth exhibition space UNIT 1 is pleased to announce the exhibition: The Invisible Horde, featuring work by over 30 of the area's most exciting and dynamic artists.


Abigail Marsicano
Alexander Krivosheiw
Amy Gross
Andrew Gilmore
Anna Girgis
Charles Xavier Bane III
Chris Riccardo
Craig McInnis
Dan Leahy
David Alan Sincavage
David Olivera
Don Fils
Jacques de Beaufort
Jill Lavetsky
Juan Doncel
Karla Walter
Kristin Miller Hopkins
Lisa Rockford
Norma Cockwell
Nune Asatryan
Reinier Gamboa
Rita Baum
Rolando Chang Barrero
Sam Perry
Sarah La Pierre
Sibel Kocabasi
Skip Measelle
Sonya Gaskell
Tina Tessa
Valyn Calhoun
Yury Darashkevich

Curatorial Statement

There are many uncertainties in this world, but some rare truths hold inviolate against even the most Heisenbergian doubts: right now, at this moment, a gamer is sitting alone in a dark room several hours deep into a MMORPG trance state oblivious to the deliberations that we may have towards his/her existence or absence. Perhaps like Schrödinger's cat, we should leave the poor guy alone lest upon cracking the basement door we are treated to the sight of a desiccated corpse still slouching in that X Video Rocker surrounded by a mountain of empty “hot pocket” boxes and Mountain Dew 1 liters. Let’s not tempt fate.

Indeed, we are all too familiar with the scourge of game-play and the devastation that it has wrecked upon a whole generation of our youth and dudes who are thirty-six but still live in their parents garage. Just about everyone these days knows someone that knows someone who is friends with somebody who heard about a Gamer lost in the throes of addiction, more dead than alive, with only faint memories of Florida Supercon 2010 tethering his addled brain to some moment of life that was not lived in the narcotic haze of simulated reality.

And so then I would call your attention to another unseen Horde, silently working in a twilight zone of fantasy and reality that approximates more or less the virtual solitude and hypnagogic mindscape of our unfortunate Gamer. This Horde lives on a razors edge of narcissism and self-loathing, turning the shit of reality into glittering jewels through some strange alchemical self-immolation. We call these people Artists, and there are actually a lot of them in the area despite their lack of immediate visibility. What is clear is that their numbers are growing and that the problem is only getting worse. Day by day one more of them starts a kick-starter campaign for his skinned knee because like musicians, and other hipster types-artists live in contempt of the ordinary world of day jobs and health care benefits, and so without the largesse of their rich girlfriends or the last trickling dregs of that once formidable trust-fund, would mostly likely die in large numbers, washing up en masse on the sands of our beautiful South Florida beaches.

But one should not underestimate this Invisible Horde, and it would be wise to "tread lightly" if the contours of their collective vision has not yet been fully concretized by the cultural affirmations of a local art scene, which in its extant form is clearly lacking the cojones to take this problem head on. And so it is in the spirit of, well perhaps Florida Supercon 2010, that UNIT1 exhibitions presents to you the following selection of artists working right here right now.

In all seriousness, they are formidable group of creators, and only some of them have skinned knees or rich girlfriends. For the most part they are hard working citizens; dreamers and visionaries who inhabit a world that is attempting at all turns to extinguish the creative spark that keeps them going. People who are not artists don’t realize that life for an artist is always lived thinking about being somewhere else- in the studio instead of behind the counter at Nordstroms for example. The challenge is not only to make something amazing, but just to make something period. And then if god forbid you are successful, to keep that magic going and going year after year through the thick and thin of a capricious market. And so it is then nothing less than a small miracle that in one exhibition so many masterpieces have been assembled for consideration. Turns out Schrödinger's cat was alive and well. I don’t like cats though because they destroy furniture-which is why I want you to buy all this art because clearly I can’t keep it and I’m not going to start a fucking Kickstarter.

Jacques de Beaufort
Director UNIT1 exhibitions