Tuesday, June 24, 2014

2014 Congressional Letter Recipient Joins Project Seahorse Friday for Youth Outreach

Rolando Chang Barrero Joins Project Seahorse 
Friday Night, June 27, 2014 | 6-9 PM

Ocean Mall on Singer Island, June 26th and 27th from 6 pm to 10pm each night. 
The event is part of Project SeahorseT

This friday night artist and 2014 Congressional Letter of Commendation Recipient, Rolando Chang Barrero Fine Artist will join the team to inspire the Youth of Riviera Beach in a long anticipated YOUTH PROGRAM! Read more...http://divenewsnetwork.com/index.php/lifestyle/living-as-a-diver/family-diving/2472-project-seahorse-inspiring-the-youth-of-riviera-beach-florida

About the Artist:
Rolando Chang Barrero, BFA, MAAT, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Artist, Advocate, Writer, and Community Leader, 2014 Recipient of Congressional Letter of Commendation
Founder of the Florida Arts Association

With over 30 years of experience in the arts...

Rolando Chang Barrero, began his career in his mid teens as a male model for Allied Department Stores (Macy’s , Burdines) and Associated Dry Goods (Jordan Marsh). By the time he was 18 he had transitioned into the fashion world as a stylist and ultimately a designer with his apparel designs on various covers of Details Magazine an Women’s Wear Daily. He has worked as a personal fashion stylist and merchandiser for individuals, as well as boutiques in Beverly Hills.

By the late 80’s having accumulated impeccable references, resulting from work with many notable artists and filmmakers, Rolando was accepted into the most prestigious art programs in the U.S.: Harvard (art history), Rhode Island School of design (graphic design), and The School of The Art Institute (studio art) where he was offered a full scholarship.

After graduating with honors and being awarded The Ryerson Travelling Fellowship in 1990 Rolando began a masters program in art therapy. He also began to travel Europe, Latin America, and Asia. His studies and travel were abruptly interrupted in 1993 when he was diagnosed with brain cancer.

Rolando retuned to the art scene 18 years later in 2011. Since his returned he has organized and developed the thriving Boynton Beach Art District, won many accolades for the press, been featured in many magazines, and successfully established himself as an exhibiting visual artists once again.

A big part of what this Art Show for Project Seahorse is....is a way to push the Riviera Beach community ( and City), into a community that is leveraging it's resources for a dramatic Economic benefit. 
Project Seahorse is the ideal event to promote The Palm Beaches as a top diving destination - by showcasing the abundant underwater resources, unique spawning rituals and over thirty gorgeous reefs and marine ecosystems.
Dan Volker and Jim Abernethy’s keen attention to detail and safety have established them as major players in the world of underwater production. Their passion for their craft and desire to share with young people by teaching them about the ocean solidifies their commitment to education and the world of diving.
Chuck Elderd - Film Commission

You can visit www.projectseahorse-bhb.org for more on the event, or call 
Dan Volker at 561-685-9242. 

Contact the Artist:
Rolando Chang Barrero
ActivistArtistA Gallery
410 West Industrial Ave.
Boynton Beach, Florida 33426

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Big names donate to Auction Fundraiser at ActivistArtistA Gallery this Thursday Night!

Auction for Newlywed Couple at ActivistArtistA Gallery is expected to raise the needed funds for initial medical expenses for Stephen and Sara Hawrylciw. 

Auction to SupportStephen and Sara Hawrylciw

ActivistArtistA Gallery
410 West Industrial Ave.
Boynton Beach, Florida 33427

This Thursday, June 26, 2014 | 6-11 PM

Stephen and his family found out of his diagnosis with smoldering myeloma (pre-stage bone marrow cancer) just three weeks after Stephen was married.  He went to his primary doctor when persisting pains in his chest concerned his wife.  Blood tests led to a bone marrow biopsy which led to 
Stephen's diagnosis.

His hematologist suggested they be aggresive to treat what they found since myeloma is not only rare and dangerous but also even more rare in someone Stephen's age.
The conventional treatment success rates that he and his wife found were not acceptable to them, nor did it seem safe; as the doctors suggested it could interefere with 
Stephen and Sara's hopes to have a family.

The couple has found a world-renowned doctor with outstanding success rates and a safe treatment for Stephen.  The doctor has his own practice in Manhattan and the couple will be traveling at the end of May to visit with him and his team to begin Stephen's treatment. 

If you would like to show your financial support for the couple 
an online fund has been set up at:

Sneak peek at what to expect at the auction:

Gifts, Books, Art Work, Collectibles and 
Sports Memorabilia 

"I'm Here" 18"x18"

Cheyl Maeder
Dreamscapes, Sea & Sky V, A/P, 11 x 17 inches archival print

Pro Skateboarder, Brad Cromer autographed decks!

Pro Boxing Champ, Jameel "Big Time" McCline autographed Boxing Trunks!

MMA Fighter, Stephanie "Blondie" Mankin signed Wrist Wraps!

Also, gifts and artwork by:

Barbara Bailey, Nicole Galluccio, Becky Osborne-Phillips, Anita Lovitt, Caren Hackman, Trina Slade-Burks, Craig McInnis, Rolando Chang Barrero, Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla, and others!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New Times Best Art Exhibition: (Un)Common Traces at ActivistArtistA Gallery


ActivistArtistA Gallery Exhibition Wins! 

Best Art Exhibition Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2014 - "(Un)Common Traces"

To Ecuador and Back (Un)Common Traces! Best Exhibition 2014

New Times!

Projects, Emerging Artists Collective, Descends on Boynton Beach by Fire Ant

Artist and arts impresario Rolando Chang Barrero has another lively show opening this weekend at his Boynton Beach exhibition space, ActivistArtistA Gallery. (Un)Common Traces is a fresh effort by four artists from Dwelling Projects, a Dade County artists' collective. FULL STORY

To Ecuador and back: 

Artists to unveil new vision

Thank you Jan Engoren, Sun Sentinel!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

New Birds/Pajaros by Rolando Chang Barrero at Coastars!

Pajaros by Rolando Chang Barrero
Now Available at...
Coastars Coffee Bar
12 J Street
Lake Worth, Florida

The work of Rolando Chang Barrero has been on display in various Miami Galleries, as well as, in Fine Art Galleries it the City of West Palm Beach, the City of Boynton Beach, and now in the City of Lake Worth.
Contact: ActivistArtistA@Gmail.com

Saturday, June 14, 2014

New Times Magazine: "A More Sophisticated Event...Sacred Hearts by Rolando Chang Barrero"


7 "Cool Dad" Things to Do This Weekend

On the list of cool things to do is...
Thank you Natalya Jones!! 
Artsy Fartsy Dad
Sacred Hearts. 7 p.m., Saturday and Sunday, June 14 and 15. Coastars Coffee Bar, 12 S. J. Street, Lake Worth. Visit Facebook
Mixed in with all the drinks and debauchery going on this weekend is a more sophisticated event for daddy-o. Sure, he may be fartsy, but is he artsy fartsy?
Artist Rolando Chang Barrero will be displaying his Sacred Hearts series which explores religious symbolism. But don't worry, it ain't preachy. Boca band Rat's Mouth will be performing at 9, so you'll have a chance to jam after sipping on delicious cups of joe and checking out art dad and you will both enjoy.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rolando Chang Barrero in Northwood Village, Lake Worth, and Hobe Sound

Self Portraits by Rolando Chang Barrero 
Northwood Village
Bohemia AG
538 Nortwood Road
West Palm Beach, Florida
Contact: Paul Klov at 561-302-5568 for appointment

The Sacred Hearts by Rolando Chang Barrero 
Coastars Coffee Bar
12 J Street, Lake Worth
Contact: Liz Brach at 561-371-6450

Photography by Rolando Chang Barrero 
Kimbell Art Center
Jonathan Dickinson State Park
16450 SE Federal Hwy  
Hobe Sound, FL 33455

Contact: 561-745-5551

Contact the Artist:
Rolando Chang Barrero

410 West Industrial Ave.
Boynton Beach, Florida 33426

This Summer's Best Bet!

For Immediate Release:

What's All the BUZZ About Exhibition

Opening Reception on July 11, 2014 | 5-8 PM

Art on Park Gallery

800 Park Ave.
Lake Park, Florida

Rolando Chang Barrero

Curator, Rolando Chang Barrero has his eyes set on Lake Park. He says,"This is going to be the place to hang out, buy art, and listen to great music this summer!" As a member of the Artists of Palm Beach County, it seems only perfect that the ActivistArtistA Galleries director would chose APBC Gallery and Studios, located at 800 Park Ave.,  to have his inaugural summer event call "What's All the BUZZ about?".

"What's All the Buzz About?" is a Juried Exhibition of contemporary works, in all media., that will explores the relationship between the artist and the environment.  The spotlight of this exhibition will be on the vital role of the bee in the South Florida eco-system. 
The exhibition is presented by The Artists of Palm Beach County and ActivistArtistA II in an unexpected union between the conservative APBC and the often radical ActivistArtistA exhibitions.

The exhibition, a benefit for Palm Beach Beekeepers Association, will include a special guest presentation by the PBBA president Al Salopeck.

As customary at all of the ActivistArtistA events live music will play a part in the festivities:  Jon Greco Band will be performing.
Photo Credit: Matt Sturgess
Sponsored by PureHoney Magazine, who's editor Steev Rulmann helped jury the exhibition.

Exhibition Statement

by Mary Jo Aagerstoun,President of Eco-Art South Florida

“What’s All the Buzz?” is an exhibition to honor the humble honey bee, especially our Florida native ones. Bees are necessary to pollinate crops that feed humans, and to pollinate wild plants and trees so they can flourish. Studies show that Florida native bees are much more efficient and industrious pollinators of Florida’s crops than are non native honeybees shipped in for pollinating. We would like to address this issue proactively through conversations, demonstarations, and ultimately through the incepection of art related projects that may surface as a result of the exhibition.

This is just one approach to making the invisible visible that artists can do so well. The invisible here are the systems of industrial agriculture.
Another approach to utilizing art based in science to bring visibility to the plight of our bees, is the work of Kelly Rogers who recently completed a multi media installation as part of her MFA qualifications. The installation includes live bees. bee-ecology.com

Yet another approach is art that utilizes native plants in outdoor installations that can provide nectar specifically for native Florida bees. A recent example of a landscape designed by an EcoArtist to attract and nurture Florida native pollinators is Eco Walk in Boynton Beach at the new LEED Gold certified apartment complex, Seabourn Cove. http://www.boynton-beach.org/departments/public_art/projects/dixie_ecowalk.php While this work, by local Palm Beach county EcoArtist Lucy Keshavarz is focused more closely on butterflies, the plants selected also encourage native bees.

Martin County EcoArtist Jesse Etelson discovered that a fanciful ceramic vessel designed as a screech owl nesting box actually attracted native Florida bees instead! His research after this serendipitous occurrence showed that indeed ceramic containers have been used for millennia dating back to Egyptian beekeepers as ideal beehives. http://jesseetelson.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/screechowl.jpg

In the garden-planting-as-art arena, a stellar example that could be adopted by Palm Beach county artists would be the work by EcoArtist and sculptor Stacy Levy’s parterre garden of perennials native to the Seattle area, planted in the shadow of the city’s iconic “Space Needle” which, after its 6 months growing period was parceled out in pieces to local community gardens and parks. The plants were inserted into biodegradable straw and coir waddles, very easy to remove and relocate once the exhibition ended. http://www.stacylevy.com/installations/straw_garden.php  

We are seeking especially proposals or existing art works that could be installed onsite in Palm Beach Couty that can address the bee disappearance phenomenon with active solutions.

This does not mean we will not include the traditional paintings, drawings, sculpture, video and performance, but we would like to see our Palm Beach county artists step forward with direct impact works and proposals for works.

Please contact 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

ActivistArtistA II and APBC now accepting submissions for "What's All The Buzz?" Exhibit!

Submissions Now Being Accepted!

All submission materials must be received on or before Midnight, Monday June 30th, 2014!

ActivistArtistA II 

and the 

Artists of Palm Beach County presents...

"What's All The Buzz About?"
An Exhibition Of Contemporary Works On The Vital Role Of The Bee In The South Florida Eco-system 

Event Description:
Art Call For "What's All The Buzz About?"

"What's All the Buzz About?" is a Juried Exhibition of contemporary works, in all media, that will explore the relationship between the artist and the environment. The spotlight of this exhibition will be on the vital role of the bee in the South Florida eco-system. This exhibition is presented by 

The Artists of Palm Beach County and 
ActivistArtistA II.

Application Dates: June 1, 2014 to June 30, 2014 

Organized by Rolando Chang Barrero, curator. 
"What's All the Buzz About?" will benefit Palm Beach Beekeepers Assoc., a 501(c)3 Non Profit

Award for BEST IN SHOW!!!

Get your work shown at the BEEKEEPING Conference on October 2-4


Sponsored By PureHoney Magazine!

**See below for Art Call or go directly to:

Artist's Reception

Friday, Jul 11th, 2014 - 5:00 pm through 8 PM

Exhibition Dates and Times:
Friday, Jul 11th, 2014 through Monday, Aug 11th, 2014
12pm to 6pm Monday to Saturday

Event Location:

Art on Park
800 Park Avenue
Lake Park, FL 33403

This Is An ActivistArtisttA II and APBC Sponsored Event.



This exhibition will be Juried by:
 Rolando Chang Barrero (ActivistArtistA) and  Steev Rullman (PureHoney)

Application Dates: June 1, 2014 to June 30, 2014

Application Fee:

Members of Artists of Palm Beach County: $10 PayPal

Non-Members of Artists of Palm Beach County: $15 PayPal

Send submissions to: ActivistArtistA@gmail.com

All entries must be submitted online no later than Monday, June 30, 2014.

There is a non-refundable entry fee of $15 for Non-Members of Artists of Palm Beach County (Member's Fee is $10)
Artists may submit 1, 2 or 3 pieces. Payment is accepted online by credit card or PayPal.

Application Instructions:
Each artist may submit up to three pieces of work as .jpg files no larger than 3MB.
3D artists may submit additional images per artwork in order to see the piece “in the round” by email to ActivistArtistA@Gmail.com

Video and time-based artists must submit one still image per artwork online, but must also submit at least one other image that represents the visual component of the work and any additional video and/or sound-based materials to: ActivistArtistA@Gmail.com

CONTACT: ActivistArtistA@Gmail.com

Monday, June 30, Deadline for entry (NO EXCEPTIONS)
Wednesday, July 2, Judging of entries
Thursday, July 3, Email notifications of acceptance and/or rejection
Wednesday, July 9, Drop-off of selected works for the exhibition
Friday, July 11, 2014, Opening Reception 5-8pm
MONDAY, August 11, 2014. Pick-up of artwork

To donate directly to Palm Beach Beekeepers Association go to:

This Call To Artists Was Published On: Sunday June 1st, 2014There is a $10 (Non-members $15) and you can submit an unlimited amount of works of art.Entry Deadline: Midnight, Monday June 30th. 2014Notification to Artists: Thursday July 3rd, 2014Art drop off: Wednesday July 9th, 2014 - 12:00 pm through 5:00 PM Art pick up: Monday August 11th, 2014 - 12:00 pm through 5:00 PM

Guidelines for Eligible Work:
1. All Artists are eligible to submit work to this exhibition. Membership is not required.
2. No late entries accepted.
3. Original ideas only - no copying of works.
4. All required entry materials must be included in your submittal.
5. Entry fees are not refundable.
6. If this is a juried exhibition, the decision of the jurors is final.
Fee Payments / Entry Forms:


Members can always access Exhibition entry forms from the


By submitting work to this exhibition, you agree to be bound by our terms.
To read those terms,

Entry fees must be paid using the PayPal link above. Images must be submitted through the on-line entry form.