Tuesday, May 7, 2013

ActivistArtistA Artist eVol I Gets Solo Show at Jade Master's Art Gallery!

"Misadventures of Greed, by eVol I "

Congratulations! Exol I is busy this month! He will be painting live at 'Pain it! An Urban Affair" during the weekend of May 18-19 at the ActivistArtista Bay Gates during their yearly urban revitalization project which includes his first large scale outdoor mural at the Boynton Beach Art Distirct. Then he has 1 week before his solo exhibition at the amazing Jade Master's Art Gallery on the 25th!
Way to go! (see below for reprint of story by BrowardNetOnline )

As part of the revitailization efforts at BBAD, ActivistArtistA Gallery director- Rolando Chang Barrero, has organized "Greening the Park" on day 2 of "Paint it!"

 Greening the Park is an ”Urban Revitalization Project" on
Sunday May 19th, from sunrise to sunset!

“Greening the Park,” will be taking place along the fence line at:

The Boynton Beach Art District
410 -422 West Industrial Ave., Boynto Beach, Florida 33426

Greening the Park, an urban garden, is being established to provide raw eats and education to the guests of the Boynton Beach Art District!

This is a community based initiative.
Family Friendly and Free!

Reprint of eVol I article....


eVol i is the Artist Moniker of Award Winning filmmaker J. Vinazza, who often could be seen painting live and exhibiting at art havens such as Boynton Beach Art District, Green Room Nightclub, and Fat Village. Recently, he has been added as a Resident Artist at Jade Master’s Art Gallery and Lounge, an exciting new gallery located in Fort Lauderdale. They will provide the venue for his latest solo art show entitled “Insomniac Dreams”.
“I often have bouts with insomnia, so I attempt to wear myself out with whatever creative outlet I have available to me. I may paint, I may write, or I may decide to make a video or film” says eVol i. However, you won’t have to be up all night to enjoy this event – as it starts at 7pm on May 25th, 2013. DJ’s Doc Blis, Trails, 2Sweet, and KMOBS will keep the vibe lively. Sera Cimmino of Rogue Vixens will perform a Magic/Burlesque/Fire Show. She will also be offering reflexology sessions throughout the night.
eVol i was born in Lima, Peru in 1978. Since the age of four he has immersed himself in art and creativity. From comic books to graffiti, his style has matured into a blend of Urban Surrealism and Pop Art. His illustrations and paintings aim to peek interest, send a message, or pay homage to pop culture icons that have shaped our collective social consciousness. His work has been published by a number of local South Florida media such as the Sun-Sentinel and Boca Magazine. John Thomason of Boca Magazine called his piece ‘Political Circus’: “resoundingly clear and provocatively accurate” (BocaMag.com reviewing ActivistArtistA Gallery’s exhibit “Baby Whores and Other Political Commentaries” Mar. 2013).
This month eVol i will be quite busy as he returns to ActivistArtistA for their Bay Project. He will recreate, “Misadventures of War and Greed,” a popular socio-political piece of his, as a mural. As J. Vinazza he will return to the film world to compete once again during the 48 Hour Film Project in hopes to win again for the 2nd year in a row after sweeping last year’s competition with 5 awards including Best Film of 2012. He hopes these creative ventures would help cultivate a buzz to make his Solo Art show most successful. Common themes found in his art include Love, Spirituality, Theology, Mythology, Sexuality, and Politics. On May 25th his art will splatter the walls of the Jade Masters Art Gallery & Lounge.
The LGBTQ Friendly and eco-conscious gallery recently had a splash Grand Opening on April 13, 2013 where they exhibited the works of artists from Broward County LGBTQ community. The event sold numerous works from artists such as Leah Schmaman, Lukkas Wolf, V (Vanessa Norman-Caprio), and Tara Rosenberg of Flip Side Creations. Gallery owner Jade Masters stated that “since [eVol i] is a Gemini, ‘Insomniac Dreams’ (his Solo Show) will be a prelude to an all Gemini Artist show on June 15th. We already have Lukkas Wolf and I celebrating our birthdays along with the other Gemini artists we exhibit.”
eVol i’s thought provoking and introspective solo art exhibit promises to be a fun and entertaining evening for art lovers and party goers alike.
For More Information, Artist Bio and Statement from eVol i, please visit his website: http://www.evoliart.com.
For More on Jade Masters Art Gallery and Lounge visit http://www.artistjademasters.com/.

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