Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pathetic Poetry By Billy Hitz

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"Rolando, Thanks for all the fun and art.."
Billy Hitz

The book of prose, "Pathectic Poetry," by Billy Hitz is a self published volume of, well what else, pathetic poetry.  Composed in blank verse, the collection is burleque at times, yet always true to the  carpe diem style of which his life is a testament to.

With that said, I was not given the book to reveiw; I am not qualified to do so. 

It was a heartwarming gift; one artist to another.  I was glad he did.  Truthfully, it sat at the edge of my bed waiting to be read for months. I don't get the luxury of enjoying a book to often these days.

Finally, in need of inspiration I reached for it as I ran out the door to teach my first class of the summer.
Basic Drawing...For Fun!  Having the remnants of a once keen photographic memory, I glanced through the book as only Evelyn Wood could!

Of course my initial glance brought forth horrific images. I started laughing hysterically, as I pieced together the words from the different poems I read.

This is what stood out as I did my quick flip reading technique!

"Eat up the rich,
You fuck an old friend.
Annoying, Constant,

I knew my class was going to be fun!

I gave my students a class on typography and the letter as drawing.  Using branches, india ink and charcoal, they were to rewrite parts of Billy's poem, "Love down low."

Here is the poem and the images created...

Love down low

If love won't grow

Just let it go

Get over it!

Set yourself free

When love is gone

Take time to move on

Just knowing it

helps you to see

When love is entwined

With our wasted time

Get on with it!

Don't let it last

Deep down you know

You must let go

Step over it!

Start a new dance!

I have since read the whole volume and recommend it! 

Many thanks to Shelly Constantino for allowing me to use her studio for the June classes!
Please call if you are interested in the July "Drawing for Fun," course! 786-521-1199 

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