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New Times! Nightlife Review by Betsey J. Denberg! Caturday!

Photo by Betsey J. Denberg

Five Cutest Cat Moments at Green Room's Caturday Saturday, August 11

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On Saturday night, Salty Eggs transformed Fort Lauderdale's Green Room into a cat cove, creating a feline frenzy, to benefit South Florida non-profit rescue organization, the Cat Network. Attendees arrived in droves adorned in kitten ears, whisker face paint, and a few faux tails. An assortment of artists and vendors displayed and sold cat themed pieces, and cat videos were projected on a big screen. Local DJs took on kitty-friendy names, Andie SweetPurr, Hello Miggy, and catfuture, and spun some tunes. Radioboxer took the stage with a lively performance that included a slideshow of fan's pets who submitted their furry friends' photos on the internet. It wasn't just an overdose of cuteness, at least six cats were placed in new homes.

Take a look at our list of five cattiest moments from Caturday Saturday after the jump.

Photo by Betsey J. Denberg
5. Cat masks by Roly Chang Barrero 
A portion of the night was dedicated to a cat costume contest. Not cats in costumes, humans dresses as cats. Folks arrived, decked to the nines in their feline best. However, some attendees showed up unprepared, leaving them distraught and unable to participate in all the festivities. Luckily, there were an assortment of colorful cat masks for sale and wearing.

Photo by Betsey J. Denberg
4. Kitten Empire Couture
Dog people are constantly showing off their canines in the latest animal fashions. But, what about the cats? How come they're left without any sort of adorable wardrobe? Maybe your kitten wants to look cool too, huh, Etsy? Local dude Jonny Veo understands a cat's closet predicament and created Kitten Empire Couture. Our partner in crime almost considered purchasing this denim vest for one of his felines. Meow.
Photo by Betsey J. Denberg
3. Cat collage plates by Dibbie Jane
No feline lover's kitchen is complete without a set of cat collage plates (cat people like crafts, let's be honest). Hang these on the walls or them with treats. These kitschy creations are a must for just about any cat lady.
Photo by Betsey J. Denberg
2. Cats with mustaches by Stephanie MenijavarWho doesn't love a cat sporting a mustache and fancy beret? After staring at this image for too long, the chat spoke to us in French. 
Photo by Betsey J. Denberg
1. The kittens!
There were real, live, cute kittens available for adoption! It was a veritable feline fete on the Green Room patio. It would have been enhanced only if the upstairs area'd been closed off so that we could play with the kitties freely. Maybe next time. 

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