Friday, April 19, 2013

A Day of Giving with Matthew

A Day Of Giving with Matthew

Some days just stand out. April 18, 2013 was one of those days.

I got to spend the day with my friend Matthew. 
What a joy it was to share a day of giving with him.

I picked him up around midday. We were both hungry, so lunch was in order, but
first we would stop by a food bank in Delray Beach to vist with 
Sister Mary Anne of C.R.O.S. Ministries.
Sister Mary Anne is a humble servarnt to the homeless and hungry of Delray Beach.
You can stop by and visit with her at any time, 
yet she will always ask you to wait a few seconds before engageing in conversation. She does this because she respects you, 
she wants to offer you her undivided attention.

Matthew and I arrived. Matthew was excited to meet her. 
He was aware of her kind deeds and knew that the pupose of our visit was
to aknowledge her for it. We were going to give her a TOFA coin!

Tokens of Appreciation
We woud be giving her this amazing little coin to let her know that she matters!
She matters in our lives, in our community, in our world!
Matthew and Sister Mary Anne

Here is a picture of Matthew offering his love and appriciation to Sister Mary Anne.

Matthew waiting to place his order

Matthew enjoys eating Caesar salads, so off to Nature's Way Cafe on Atlanic Ave.
He orders his salad, but not before he inquires how long the establishment has been in business and if the the cashier enjoys working there.  Satisfied with the responses given he agrees to order and states that it a beautiful day and he will be enjoy his lunch outside.

Matthew an I at Natures Way Cafe

A genuine soul, Matthew greeted evreyone who entered and 
bid them farewell as they left. Midway through lunch our conversation led us to art, as it often does.  He said missed his classes at Milagro Center, that it was in Delray Beach.
I asked if would like to vist and say hello to Steve.  He agreeed that it was a fantastic adventure to do so! So off we went to The Milagro Center.

Artist, Steve Backus with Matthew
 Our next coin was going to Kate Cahill at The Delray Recover Center, for her support of the Careing Kitchen Fundraiser! 

The office was buzzing with excitement and joy that Matthew brings with him everywhere he goes. He even broke out in song after proudly declaring his role in a Barber Shop Quartete. We visited with various counselors, one even showed us a TOFA coin that she had reived in the past.  Just as we were leaving, my friend Brett pulls up in his car. After a brief introduction Matthew assures Brett (administrator of DRC) that Delray Recovey Center is a good place because there are many sick people who need to get better.  I do believe Brett got teary eyed hearing Matthew so simply stating the centers primary purpose with such genuine gratitude.

Here is Matthew handing a shiny coin to shiny soul. Chef Suzanne Perrotto of Brulé humbly accepts her token of appreciation, while aknowledging Matthews keen observation that working in a restaurant is very hard work and that she's doing a great job! I think Suzanne was left speechless! 

Next we went to visit with a dear friend and a privious TOFA coin recipient,
Ms. Kate LeFleur, who Matthew and I both accorded was a beautiful and shiny person too.

Our last stop on our adventures was to visit with Jonathan Delgado of Project Maté.
Jonathan is the founder of Delray's only Maté Bar.  With the TOFA coin presented, and a refreshing cup of Maté tea enjoyed. Matthew and I concured Jonathan is cool...and his teas are delicious!

I leave with this thought....

Everyday can be a Day of Giving.

It just so much more fun when it's....

A Day of Giving with Matthew!

A Day Of Giving with Matthew

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