"He is dedicated to collecting trash from the waterways and beaches, and using it to perfect his techniques. He creates whimsical sculptural characters that engage the community to care for the environment," she said.
Many of his sculptures use mannequins, sea grass and shells with plants growing out of them to create living sculptures. He creates mosaics from found colored beach glass.
The self-described eccentric, with his long hair, earing and tattoos, said, "I'm grateful to Boynton Beach for supporting the arts district. It's becoming an interesting place and I give the city credit for that."
Barrero said, "Tiki Tom makes cleaning up the beach and creating art a synchronism. He transforms the profane to the sublime, bringing his outsider art indoors to create an environment for contemplation, introspection and marvel. "
The Boynton Beach Arts District is at 422 W. Industrial Ave. Call 786-521-1199 or emailRolandoBarrero@Mac.com.