Saturday, August 15, 2015

Youth Camp for Children Living in Poverty: First Visit to Boynton Beach Art District

RU Camp's latest road trip landed at the Boynton Beach Art District for a hands on experiential program that included a studio visit with Rolando Chang Barrero and an opportunity to paint alongside graffiti artists and muralist, RIPES and Mayer1 on their newest collaboration at the ActivistArtistA Bay Gates Project located at the Boynton Beach Art District.

Over 20 excited children and volunteer adults zig zaged the state of Florida gathering members of the RU Camp for a dynamic and life affirming field trip! The celebration of life, love, and community was orchestrated by Ruben Saldaña and his volunteer staff of RU Camp.

Ruben Saldaña started the 100% volunteer camp as a result of his own experiences as youth that led him to 19 years of gang related activities which ultimately landed him in the prison system. He does not want this for the youth of today. Rounding up children, mom's, and of course a few cars Ruben sets his sights on places that kids can have experiential opportunity together and celebrate their lives.

From music to martial arts the trip exposes the children to a bright and broad horizon full of activities and memories to share for years.

After their tour of of the WPA inspired murals at BBAD the children were asked why did they thought they deserved this opportunity they answered----"We're Perfect, Whole, and Complete!" Yes, they are!

RU Camp's tagline "For Our Rising Troubled Youth," states it clearly, it is a program with a vision for the increasing number of troubled youth that result from poverty: A vision of joy, of laughter, and most of all community.
See more pictures of the trip here: Pictures of ActivistArtistA Bay Gates Project Are you interested in visiting the Boynton Beach Art District? Contact: Rolando Chang Barrero at Want to find out more about RU Camp? Contact: Ruben Saldaña at

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