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This Sunday! 
Multimedia Festival
Free before noon!

Suga Wack

Modern...Deeply Rooted...Timeless
Musicians rooted in jazz who like to play with or without various conventions, and with or without traditional instrumental roles, creating spontaneous compositions and arrangements.
Suga Wack effortlessly blends an array of influences, which includes the most original and modern artists from the 50's through tomorrow.
They have played and recorded at the Jacksonville Alt Jazz Festival held at Jamison Williams' SoLo Gallery, Radioactive Records in Ft Laud., The Int'l Kinetic Arts Exhibit..
Describing themselves as "post-modern, freely improvised, jelly-filled, chamber jazz", SugaWack blends the technical and the organic, creating a hybrid of sound as each piece develops.
They often perform and record in various groupings of duos, trios and quartets. This keeps it fresh, and provides opportunities to more deeply explore their relationships and varying roles.  More
422 West Industrial Ave.
Boynton Beach, Florida 33426

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LIVE Bands!
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Musicians include: 
click on the following links: 
Suga Wack, Flint BladeVis Major, Awake the Lion, Mylo RangerYeshiva, Nmbr11,
Spencer Allan Patrick, Boss Champions, Bill Hatrmann, DJ Thought and others.

Press and Calendar

Special Guest DJ THOUGHT

Graffiti Crew: 
H2O and Graffiti Iconz

Live Painting 
Duncan BeatzSerafima Sokolov,Wisewood, Jah Linx and Jonathan Vinazza

Painting by Venom


Community Caring Center

Joe Liberali, Mona Montanina, Yure Alencar, Ben Malley, 
Rachel Waterman, Jayme Selman, 
Robert Lemo, Tom Lazenby, Matthew Gaines, 
Becca Burns and Debby Coles-Dobay

Artists: Lisa Lewis, Lorraine Marks, Brian Lewis, and others...

Specialty Vendors:
Peg Alexander, Silvia Levy, Boni-Karen, and Julie Feldman

The Exhibition Spaces:
ActivistArtistA Gallery, Soul Focus House, Lea's Lounge, Groe Lab

Special Viewing: Opus Majus works by Kim Fay

Resident Artists:
Rolando Chang Barrero, Lea Vendetta, Mike Kupillas,
Chan Shepherd, Steve Marino, Ryan Spinelli, Lauen VanArman, Glen Nelson, Dxtr, Nancy Nolan, Denny Reed, and Richard Beu-Lieu

Utrecht of Fort Lauderdale, Jerry's Artarama of West Palm and
Critical Recoring Studio of Miami

Sprcial Thanks to Serafima Sokolov and Craig McInnis.

and more.....

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