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BOCA Magazine: Behind The Re-Branding by John Thomason

BOCA Magazine
July/August 2013

By John Thomason

Arts and Entertainmet: Currents

Boynton Gets the Picture. Little by little, Boynton Beach is transforming into a 
destination--thanks, in no small part, to its suddenly thriving arts district.

There has been viewable art in Boynton Beach's once-nascent arts district for 
more than two decades, but you're forgivin if you didn't know about it
until the last couple of years. It's durning that time that artist Rolando Chang Barrero,
the somewhat unintentional figurehead of what is now the
Boynton Beach Art District, moved from South Beach to Sout Palm Beach County
and went to work promoting and re-branding the area.

These days, what once was the sleepy workplace for a handful of artists is 
colorful and thriving, with motley museum-quality murals painted on warehouse bays, 11 artists renting out space, and popular monthly art walks and open-mic nights launched from Barrero's ActivistArtistA gallery (

"I organize the open-mic, but I trying to give ownership to others so they can feel 
that they are part of the community, that it's not my event," says Barrero, 50.



422 West Industrial Ave.
Boynton Beach Florida 33426

Next Open Mic 
July 18, 2013

Next Art Walk
BBAD On Thursdays: ART WALK
July 25, 2013

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