Tuesday, May 13, 2014

ACTIVISTARTISTA II will Open in July 2014

800 Park Ave.
Lake Park, Florida

ActivistArtistA Gallery/Studio, Inc. is literally on the move. Proprietor, Rolando Chang Barrero, has found a home for his second exhibition space.  

“ACTIVISTARISTA II” will be opening in July 2014 at the Art on Park building in the Town of Lake Park, Florida.  After months of scouting for a new location for the new gallery it became obvious that sharing a space with the Artists of Palm Beach  County was the most fruitful move. Both organizations agreed.

The Grand Opening of  “ACTIVISTARTIST II “ is expected to be one this summer’s biggest arts event in Palm Beach County—but of course!

“Park Avenue in Park Lake may still in it’s infancy, but that’s about to change!”

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