Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sun Sentinel News Today: Boynton Art Gallery Expanding makes the Palm Beach Politics Blog!

Boynton art gallery expanding

Director of the Boynton Beach Art District Rolando Chang Barrero is heading north to find more success.
His art gallery, ActivistArtistA Gallery, at 422 West Industrial Drive in Boynton Beach, is expanding to Lake Park, just north of Rivera Beach. Chang Barrero started his first gallery as part of BBAD – the Boynton Beach Arts District.
The second gallery, ActivistArtistA  II, will open in July at the Art on Park building in Lake Park.
Chang Barrero said he wanted to continue to grow the scene in Boynton, but he couldn’t find a good space. 
“I considered a number of different areas, “ he said. “I couldn’t find an appropriate space, needed store front and lots of traffic that I could afford in Boynton or anywhere else.”
But the Boynton Beach arts scene isn’t dead, he said. ActivistArtistA Gallery is closed for the summer, but will be open again during the fall for it’s monthly open-mic nights.
“We will still have a connection in Boynton Beach,” he said. 

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