Friday, July 18, 2014

City Lied To Press about Permits!!!

OMG! What an outright lie!!!!

The City of Boynton Beach took to liying to the press!!


"Last month, the city said organizers did not have the proper permitting for reoccurring monthly events such as the art walk and called it to a halt."

The TRUTH is...
THE CITY of Boynton Beach, Florida Does Not a "procees" for permitting!!!

I can't believe they would lie when i have the letter!!
LIes Here,0,3115209.story

The truth here! This is the letter calling for a cancellation of all monthly events!!

The Letter:
"The City has never allowed monthly events as our Special Event Process is only for events that are considered “temporary”. The City is currently looking into possibly obtaining a process to accommodate monthly events, but at this time it is undetermined as to whether we will allow monthly events in the future or how long it will take to create such a process. If in the future we do allow for monthly events, I welcome you to apply for the permit, but until such time, all monthly events that are currently scheduled must be canceled. However, you are still welcome to apply for a Special Event Permit for your annual events as these are considered temporary events. I apologize for having to pass along this news to you. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me."
-Tara J.Altman

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