Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Letters to SunSentinel says, "..they should be commended for their initiative and creativity"

Well into the City of Boynton Beach's 34th Day with out a resoultion to the Ban on the Art District's Art Walk; letter's, comments, reviews and speculations are surfacing.  
In print and online, the future of the highly regarded event that established the city as 
haven for artists akin to the early days in New York City sits on a balance waiting for the August 1 talks between organizers and city officials.

by Boynton Beach resident Jes Robison says, "As a professional and a resident within this community, I am inspired by the efforts made by the Boynton Beach Arts District to engage the city of Boynton Beach's artistic populace. I believe they should be commended for their initiative and creativity, not to mention the dream they share with the many Boynton residents that believe our city can only benefit by actively promoting an atmosphere of culture and imagination."

"A key to BBAD's success has been its well-staged monthly art walks, which most recently received top honors as New Times' best art walk for Broward and Palm Beach counties.That's why we're scratching our heads at the news that the city decided to shut down this event."
Writer, Alex Rendon ends his article by calling the art walk an "instrumental Palm Beach County institution."

Comments to Sun Sentinel Story by Attiyya Anthony  include:

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