Thursday, October 6, 2011

Joshua Von Nonn A Hit "On the Ave"

Joshua Von Nonn  
The Village Studio Gallery

514 E. Atlantic Ave. Delray Beach, FL
telephone    (561) 865-5480

Luckily there was someone "On the Ave" with an excellent vision.
Pairing Nano Sanchez and Joshua Von Nonn at the Village Studio Gallery was a refreshing treat in the melee of work exhibited inside and outside the galleries this Thursday's "Delray Art on the Ave." While the "Ave" was disappointing at best, kudos to VSG and the 
"Amazing Art by Joshua von Nonn and Nano Sanchez Exhibition."

The melee is not to say that there is anything wrong with the art, my issue is how poorly it's presented.
Fine art should stand alone, not intermingled with Martha Stewart Projects! 

Either run a gallery or a gift shop! Put "art on the ave," or have a craft bazaar!
For Pete's sake make a decision! 

I like crafty paper cut-outs, plop art, sofa size wall furniture etc. but they all have there place. 
I'm just not sure that having it "On the Ave"will ever make the "Ave" an arts destination.

My Top Picks

The Village Studio Galley
"Amazing Art of Von Noon & Nano Sanchez"

Grace Greenberg, Curator
 The work of Art Siegel

 The Artists Guild
Roni DiSabello, President
The work of Vicki Siegel

(scroll down)

I'm Leaving by Joshua Von Nonn

Semper Obscurum By Joshua Von Nonn

The Ontological Argument byJoshua Von Nonn

Vargas Bugorski By Joshua Von Nonn

Volkkos the Wizard By Joshua Von Nonn

by Art Siegel

by Vicki Siegel

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