Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rooster Makes List!

Number 3 on the Loser List was the Little Havan Rooster..but I love it!!!!
-Rolando Barrero

This is only a parial reprint --for the whole story go to, Miami New Times Blog 

From the wildly successful inaugural Wynwood Art Fair to an unforgettable multi-culti bender transforming Miami Beach into a marathon 13-hour art festival during Sleepless Night, South Florida had plenty to crow about during the past twelve months.

We were just about to breathe in the rarefied air of a year full of a muscle-flexing season of the arts. Then the collective stink raised over a public museum's naming rights, not to mention a philanthropist widower suggesting erasing his dearly departed's name from the Arsht Opera House and replacing it with that of his new bride, reminded us of how vainglorious and tacky our cultural metropolis can be.

Still, you can't swallow the good without burping up the bad. Looking back on 2011, what leaves a lasting impression is how dramatically the Magic City's cultural fortunes can swing. These are 2011's winners and losers........

​3. Little Havana RoostersWhen we first heard one of the hideous fiberglass roosters adorning Calle Ocho was plucked from its perch back in September, we lit a candle to San Lazaro, protector of the infirm and destitute, hoping the missing cock had been hijacked by a savior liberating us from unsightly public art. But as it turned out the pilfered pecker had been nabbed by some frat-house bird brains from FIU who spent the weekend clucking it up with the rooster during a Golden Panthers victory before their football season went afoul. Sadly the eyesore was returned to its roost in Little Havana, and the bad eggs who committed the crime set free with a slap of the wrist.

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