Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Boynton Gets Breezy at Library!

Breeze into Boynton Beach!
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As the City of Boynton Beach takes on a progressive identity as an Eco-City, the community is going gaga over the changes! Even the children are jumping on board! 

On Monday, April 26, 2012, The City Library of Boynton Beach hosted a fun filled workshop for over 20 children as part of their committment to the Earth Day presentations that included the unveiling of the Library's Electric Vehicle Charging Station the privious Saturday.

With free reuseable water bottles in one hand, small tree's in paper cones to plant in the other, and the energy only children can have at 4:30 in the afternoon they arrived at the large multi-purpose room which was set up for fun!

A short video/slide presentation by City of Boynton Beach Interim Developement Director, Nancy Byrne, provoked the children to ask questions about solar energy, an engagement that soon turned into the customary sing along of, "...But why can't we go on the roof of the firestation an see the panels!" After all children are children!

Next, was a trip out doors where the partly sunnyday helped in showing how a solar car reacts to--well, to the sun of course. The miniature prototype went back and forth, and round and round. The kids loved it!

Finally, my part! Umm, not exactlly!


I asked to join the team that would be working with the children at the workshop as soon as I heard that it was a pinwheel project! I have a new found appreciation for these little spinners!

Team members who helped facilitate the project included: 
City Staff Members
Jaime Wooley 
Jean Dieudonne
Jamie Sanchez
Cheryl Fishman
Melissa Trinchini
The Parents
Yours Truely...
Rolando Chang Barrero

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