Sunday, May 6, 2012

ActivistArtistA Around Town!

Photo by R.Barrero artwork D.Reed
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Here's a run down of my week, and my thoughts concerning my experiences!

Starting from Saturday and going back to last Thursday here are some highlights!
Sunrises, Exhibitions, Ice Cream, a Power Lunch and an Air Boat Ride!
What a busy boy I've been!
Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sunrise meditation and picture taking at the beach are always a great way to start a day!
This has been a constant for me every Saturday, come rain or come shine!
I arrive in the dark and leave in the light of the spirit of the new day!
On my way back home I usually ride up the coast...
This Saturday my journey led to Lake Worth.

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My visit to Lake Work included ice cream from Kilwins and a stop to enjoy the  

Notwithstanding the fact that I love the PBCCC, this is an excellent exhibition! Please make time before August 4th to see PBC:ART.

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Lunch at the Woman's Club in Boynton Beach

"Building a Better Beach"
Sponsored by 

This was exiciting on many levels!

First, I was invited to attend and make a presentation about my favorite subjects, 

Don't let anyone know, but I could not have produced my presentation without the help of 
Debby Coles-Dobay-she's awesome!

 Second, I was going to place faces with the many interesting folks I have been speaking with on the phone, or reading about in the news, for the first time since arriving in Boynton. The guestlist included:  Lori LaVerriere (City Manager), Dale Carlson (D.Carlson Marketing), Amy Hever (Schoolhouse Children's Museum), Jonathan Porges (Chairman of the Board of the Chamber of Commerce), and others.

Third, I was going going to get a free lunch prepared by Chef Chrissy Benoit, previously of the Havana Hideout, now of the much anticipated, "Little House,"restaurant  which will be opening soon at 480 E. Ocen Ave., in Downtown, Boynton Beach.

Not sure if anyone noticed, but I did go back for seconds..thirds! I loved the cookies too!

"Breeze into Boynton Beach" 

The new tagline for our Eco-City is more than appropriate, in fact many of have already breezed in! From developer Rick Lococo, to Cuthill's Jim Hall we all boasted proudly of our new business's, or may I say businesses! 
We have all "Breezed into Boynton," and We have Stayed!

More of a "show and boast," than a "morale building" session, accentuated the fact that our morale and our optimissim as business owners and developerare run extremely high! 

Even Mayor W. Haye was a bit giddy as the presentations concluded. He sood up and sang "Breeze into Boynton," with his usual charm. The luncheon ended on a high note-no pun intereded!

Although the only beverages were water and tea, everyone left drunk on Boynton!

BTW: Yes, I was nervous all through lunch, I was shaking like a leaf in my "Big Boy," clothes and shoes! I'm more of a DO'er (in flip-flops) thean a presenter, so I was surprised by how many folks came up to me later and congradulated me on my presentation.  
I guess those "Toastmaster Classes," actually help!

Friday Night!
 Dinner ROCKED!
Personal touch! That's what will bring me back!
The food was excellect, yet there are so many great places with execeelent food to dine in our area, AGORA saving grace it has cornered the market on "the prsonal touch!"  The owner Ferhat Aydin made sure our experience was flawless! "Anticipatiing needs", a concept lost to most eateries in South Florida, is practiced seamlessly with easy and a light heart by all the staff I encountered! The prices are right on target too! Total cost for our group of three $38.00.
Stuffed grapeleaf, leaks, hummus, etc.... Yum!!!

Mediterranean Market and Cafe
2505 N. Dixie Highway
West Palm Beach, FL 33407

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The stroll with friend, Mila Troytsky and fellow artist, Sam Perry, through Northwood was fun and relaxing. We shopped at Missy Coffin's elegant boutique labobo. Our puchases included anis scented black soap, before retiring to Harold's for fashionable coffee's!

Harold's was the toast of the town last week when they sponsored the

Ben Cecil's Work at Harold's

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

A much needed aesthetic break took to the Everglades for an airboat ride.
A reminder that I live only a few minutes from an amazing nature preserve, and should enjoy it more often than I do.  Enjoy the ride with me!

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